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Why you NEED to invest in a good winter hat

{By: Lauren Trunfio} If you live on the East Coast, you know how important it is to bundle up when the weather gets rough. It can be exhausting to throw on layer after layer and still end up shivering in your boots, and that really begs the question, why are we so cold even though we are all bundled up? Our #1 tip to combat the harsh winter months is truly simple: investing in a good, quality hat. You might remember your mom telling you to put on a hat before you left the house as a kid going out in the wintertime, and to that, we typically rolled our eyes and wondered what was so important a hat. Continue reading on and we’ll outline the reasoning for why you need to invest in a good hat. 

First things first, as soon as the temperature drops and the wind accelerates, hats are what will keep you from losing body heat. If you happen to be a city gal, hats are even more important for you because of the wind tunnel effect. Without getting too scientific, the wind tunnel effect happens as a result of tall buildings in close proximity with one another, resulting in a low pressure region that causes winds at ground level to move even faster. It’s awful getting caught in a wind tunnel, but when you do happen to get caught in one, having a hat to keep your ears and head warm will isolate some of your body heat. 

Your head is also the most important part of your body when it comes to regulating heat. Besides the fact that wearing a hat can keep you comfortable, keeping your head warm during the winter also prevents hypothermia and headaches that can occur when the weather drops and you are subjected to cold without protection. 

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