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{ By Jessica Gershman } As the weather is warming up, we are thinking about pool parties and cookouts.  I love hosting summer events at my house and with so many things going on, I love to prepare as much as I can in advance.  When entertaining I find not having to be on call as a bartender while hosting and cooking is a huge energy saver.  I love preparing a big batch of Sangria and letting the guests help themselves.  This recipe for Sangria can be made with either white or red wine and can be adjusted to use a

{ By Cara Tyrrell - Core4Parenting } I say the journey has been amazing but the destination is pretty great too!  I'm Cara Tyrrell, founder of Core4Parenting, and my journey began in a small rural town in Southern Vermont, born and raised.  I am a lifetime lover of littles and was born with an intuitive connection to small people. I scored my first solo babysitting job when I was 12. The children were 2,4, 6, and 2 months. I was in heaven.  As a mom, I look back and think - was that mom crazy or just crazy desperate?

{ By Bethany Braun-Silva } I've been thinking a lot lately about the things that hold us back: Why don't we chase those big dreams? Why don't we show up authentically in every situation? Why don't we speak up? Why do we stay in uncomfortable situations? The only thing I can really identify as the reason why is fear. But what if fear wasn't in the picture. If fear was removed, would that make it possible to chase those big dreams, show up authentically, speak up, and leave? Many experts agree that the fear I'm talking about here is a fear of failure,

{ By Lauren Trunfio } But what do we really know about cannabis other than what the internet claims it can do for us? Enter Commons, a natural wellness brand that exists at the unique intersection of wellness, cannabinoids, and peer-to-peer sales. What does all that mean you ask? Well, buckle up, because we’ll have it all laid out for you in no time so that you can be one step closer to entering your wellness journey! With the rise of CBD popularity skyrocketing, Commons founders Tahira Rehmatullah and Jacqueline Bennett noticed that without reliable information readily available, there was a trust gap between

{ By Lauren Trunfio } Going to the gym always seems like a drag, doesn’t it? But typically, it’s not even the physical activity that drains you the most, it’s everything involved before you sweat it out. It’s the anxiety that comes with heading to the gym, knowing that it might be infiltrated by bodybuilders, and the excuses that you always make to say no. Well, excuses can now be thrown out the door because FitGo Bag has everything you’d ever want from a gym inside a portable bag. When the founder of FitGo Megan O’Neill noticed that portable fitness was not available on

{ By Chesline Pierre-Paul }  Lean is the new smart. The “fail fast and hard” for-business growth model is geared towards optimizing operational efficiency at scale by phasing out redundancies right out the gate. The opportunities to take to market a brand-new SME however well-funded have never been historically so profuse, and yet …  Whilst the corporate digital-first marketplace is awash with generation-making opportunities to integrate operations globally and launch global brands and companies … : “97% of all businesses are still doomed to fail within the next 10 years” “only 4% of C-suites are WOC”, and “a corporate fails every 3 minutes” Even though success is more

{ By Chesline Pierre-Paul }  Your body is a storage unit for all the feelings, thoughts, traumas, and joys you’ve ever had.  Healing, thus, is not merely a psycho-intellectual effort to peel back layers of trauma off of the mental loop that your brain and your mind dramatize and amplify, it is the holistic practice of understanding where trauma is located within your physical body to better release it. Feelings and traumas that are suppressed never truly disappear from our registered consciousness, they are solely transferred into pockets of repressed energies, charges, and into parts of the subconscious that go on to live in

{ By Chesline Pierre-Paul }  In times past, you may have been told: “You can’t have it all.” Let me stop you right there. That is one utter, searingly polarizing, reductive, and non-factual untruth that unfortunately gets peddled and normalized as if it were instilled with veracity. You can have it all; insofar as you sequence how you get from 0 to a 100 on your dream by integrating a piecemeal flow of high-to-low priority actions and strategies to steer you towards the dream by learning the art of “simplify to amplify” (by Marie Forleo). My coach Marie talks all the time about how “everything

{ By Karem Zafra-Vera } Already a new month approaching and the year is already feeling like it’s picking up speed. I can’t help feel the uneasiness all around me. I attended a virtual event and had the opportunity to surround myself with some amazing women. As the host was asking these women to voice boldly the type of support they are seeking in their businesses. I heard comments like “I’m doing and doing but not seeing the results” “Am I planting my seeds in the wrong soil?” “I’m tired!” “What else can I do?” I felt the insecurity in their

{ By Bethany Braun- Silva } A 2021 study reported that throughout COVID-19, "the mean total daily screen use was 7.70 hours a day" for kids. Excessive screen time not only negatively affects kids' digital and mental health, but also their physical health, and is even linked to the risk of childhood obesity. But many parents are all too familiar with the struggle to strip the screen from their children and get them engaged in physical activity. It's more challenging than ever to get our kids to stay active. Between the pandemic and smart devices, staying home and staying put has become

{ By Miranda Martin } Looking for fashion-forward shoes that are sustainable, charitable, and one of Oprah’s Favorite Things? Look no further-- R0AM footwear are the fashionable, sustainable shoes that we’re certifiably obsessed with 2022, and their spring collection is officially here!  R0AM Wears Spring 2022 Collection: stylish and sustainable R0AM Wears footwear that features stylish sandals perfect for any spring or summer occasion; from vacationing on the beach in stylish, strappy sandals to making a statement in fuzzy slides, R0AM has it all in Spring 2022. And, better yet, you can shop all R0AM styles here! What’s more, R0AM Wears footwear is

{ By Miranda Martin } Every once in a while, a kind word or thoughtful quote sparks inspiration in us all. And, recently, our friends at Dune Jewelry have created a book full of thoughts and sentiments focused on living a life full of happiness, inspired by the waves of the ocean: Happiness Comes in Waves. Author, Holly Daniels Christensen, states that the book Happiness Comes in Waves “provides life lessons filled with inspiring stories and quotations from ocean advocates—illustrated with gorgeous photographs of the ocean, shorelines, and beaches,” and that “Each chapter is dedicated to a theme of life lessons to