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{ By Dr. Janice Asher } Let Your Kids Play with Their Food. It’s time to reject the vegetables-as-punishment mindset that so many kids (and adults, for that matter) hold onto. Eating is meant to be pleasurable, as well as healthy – and it can be done! Kids do love to play with food, and dips are a great way to encourage that in a healthy way. No, I’m not talking about chips and gloppy cheese spreads. But celery and carrot sticks with hummus or apple slices with nut butter certainly fill the bill. Have you tried those adorable baby bell peppers? I wrote a whole

Now that the world is slowly opening up, many of us are venturing out and beginning to travel. Though we are excited to explore, there is always the dreaded concern of packing and schlepping our luggage from one location to another. According to orthoinfo.aaos.org here are some ways to travel light and avoid the carrying of heavy luggage when traveling.  To avoid injury, the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS) urges you to use proper judgment when packing, lifting and carrying luggage.  ______________________________________ Look for sturdy, light, high-quality, and transportable pieces when shopping for luggage. Choose luggage with wheels and a handle. Avoid purchasing luggage that

{ By Miranda Martin } Most of us love pumpkin spice season, right? Well, here’s a shocker for you-- some people (my own husband included!) don’t like pumpkin spice-flavored things. Or pumpkin anything, really. As confusing as it may seem to some (like myself), pumpkin spice isn’t everyone’s cup of tea (or favorite seasonal latte, in this case), but fear not: there are a ton of other fall drinks you can enjoy instead, and I have the skinny on all of them. Apple Cider flavors, with a twist Coffee giants Starbucks and Dunkin’ have both sensed the seasons shifting and this year that

We are looking forward to this fun and fresh film filled with talented newcomers. Samantha Rose debuts tomorrow, Tuesday, September 7th to rent and own on North American digital HD internet, cable, and satellite platforms through Freestyle Digital Media. Director Andrew Morgan (Long Gone By, The True Cost) is set to release his latest feature film, Samantha Rose, conceived of, shot, and completed during the 2020 pandemic in a small and safe cast and crew setting in the rural settings of the Pacific Northwest. Andrew is an internationally recognized, award-winning filmmaker focused on telling stories for a better tomorrow. His experience includes a

Protein has so many benefits including the building blocks needed to repair muscles, bones, cartilage, and skin. Incorporating foods rich in protein is a sure-fire way to maintain and achieve a healthy lifestyle. When most people think protein in the AM they think eggs but what if you’re not a fan?  Below are 6 delicious options that are easy to prepare and packed with protein.  Protein Pancakes: These pancakes can be made from scratch or for an even easier option select a pre-made mix and just add water!  Flap Jacked protein-packed mix and High Protein Packed Pancake Mix by Met-Rx are

{ By Miranda Martin } Autumn harvest season is upon us, and that means tons of new, exciting food trends to try this September through Thanksgiving that will fill your belly and warm your heart. Time to refill our pantries and dig into some of these delectable fall dishes (including some select sweet treats)-- let’s get started! Apple cider donuts Yes, yes, I’m starting with dessert-- I know. But us Pennsylvanians have known this for years, and apple cider donuts are all the rage across the nation this fall as Dunkin’ unveiled their new apple cider donut menu item just in time

{ By Miranda Martin } It’s (almost) fall, y’all, and that means it’s time to rethink our wardrobes and give sweater-vests, neutral tones, and booties their time to shine. Ready to refresh your wardrobe as the seasons change? Let’s dive into this year’s top fall fashion trends! Fall fashion trends to try in 2021: layering, neutral tones, and booties galore! Though fall fashion trends tend to maximize warmth and comfort, that doesn’t mean you have to expense style, and let’s be honest-- some things never go out of style, even after all this time. A style-tip for the ages that maximizes both comfort

{ By Nadia Murdock } Burpees have been said to be the most effective exercise practiced by fighters (we all have a fighter in us) and soldiers.  The technique to perform a burpee is very important in order to reap the full benefits and avoid injury.   Although considered one of the hardest exercises to perform this workout is beneficial to all fitness levels and will really get your heart pumping. Don’t fret there is a burpee for everyone! Below are four variations to a burpee that you should start doing now!  Burpee Jacks: Stand in a squat position with your feet hip-width apart

{ By Miranda Martin } As summer winds down, you may be feeling the autumnal slump. The kids are going back to school, you’re taking less vacation time off from work, and you’re already anxious about all the fall holidays ahead. These tips will help you take a step back and get motivated during the end-of-summer months, as well as get fall-focused for the months to come.  Tip 1: Take a fall-weather walk to put some pep in your step! As summer winds down and the suffocating heat winds down with it, I always enjoy taking some nice, fall-weather walks to enjoy

{ By Miranda Martin } September is on the way, and that means the start of football season is upon us! If your friends and family are anything like mine, they’re ready to watch (and eat-- lots)! That said, hosting a football viewing party doesn’t need to be stressful, and these easy-to-make recipes will keep guests well-fed all night long, and give you time to actually view the game, too! Recipe 1: “Trash-Can Nachos” While the name might not sound appetizing, making “trash can nachos” literally just means throwing together some of the most delish ingredients in your fridge or pantry and

{ By Dr. Janice Asher } Here’s a recipe for a lunch or dinner that also works well as a breakfast the next day. It’s fun to make with kids, too. They can help choose, prep, and stir the ingredients – and, of course, all kids love to break and whisk eggs! Except for the eggs and milk, the ingredients are all mere suggestions, so you and your family can let your creativity run wild. Ingredients 8 large eggs, beaten or whisked until just combined½ cup milk Other Suggested Ingredients, In Any Combination You Like Diced onions, which you’ve sautéed in a little extra

{ By Miranda Martin } August is upon us, and that means the end of summer is approaching. However, we still have a little while longer to go, which means there’s plenty of time to sneak in a few final summer activities before the kids go back to school! Family-fun activities to make the most of the last weekends of summer When I was a kid it didn’t take much to make me happy, and I believe the same rings true for kids today. Some things families can do before summer ends include activities like… Mini-golfing: You can find a mini-golf course almost