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{ By Miranda Martin } It’s that time of year again-- time for all of us to gather around heaping plates of food and celebrate the year behind us (and years ahead) with the ones we love. However, if you’re looking to stay more health-conscious this holiday season, there are some recipes you can bring to that Friendsgiving potluck or Christmas celebration to help you stay on track with your health goals. Let’s dig in-- Healthy cranberry salad This healthier spin on the classic holiday dish, cranberry salad, features honey and real fruit instead of artificially-dyed and sweetened gelatin products, which makes

{ By Miranda Martin } VivoDoc is the fast, efficient way for patients and physicians to find one another with or without insurance, meaning you can schedule appointments and contact your doctors in moments via this simple, handy platform.  That said, as the holiday season rolls around (and the pandemic still lingers), you may be looking for a quick, easy way to book a COVID-19 PCR or Rapid Antigen test before you gather with family and friends. VivoDoc makes it easy to book appointments, beginning with simply creating a profile and inputting some basic information about yourself. Once you’ve created a profile,

{ By Miranda Martin } Looking for festive decor that won’t break the bank this holiday season? From bottle brush holiday trees to affordable menorahs and beyond, here are holiday decorations you can purchase for less than $10. At Five Below: bottle brush trees, gingerbread houses, and beyond Five Below is a bargain shopper's dream, featuring items that are always five dollars and below (thus the name)! This year at Five Below, you can find affordable holiday decorations such as: Bottle-brush Christmas trees Cheap gingerbread house kits $ 3-holiday string lights … and much, much more! At Target: affordable menorahs, wreaths, and more Ah, Target-- my home away from

{ By Miranda Martin } VivoDoc is hosting a launch event on November 11th at 6 PM, and you’re invited! Learn more about this event and get tickets now on EventBrite.  VivoDoc is a simple and easy way to access healthcare options with or without insurance. ​​VivoDoc is a comprehensive practice management solution designed by a physician for physicians. By consolidating everything needed to run a successful practice into a singular "all in one" platform, VivoDoc reduces time wasted on administrative burden and allows physicians to focus on their patients. This user-friendly application helps physicians eliminate multiple vendors and reduce overhead

{ By Nadia Murdock } Loving the skin you are in is not always the easiest thing to do, as the saying goes we are our harshest critic.  However, realizing that loving yourself the way you deserve can be a total game-changer that can trickle into all aspects of your life. If you are new to all of this there may be a number of terms that you don’t understand or completely connect with.  Whether it’s body acceptance or body positivity, what is important to remember is not the title that matters but the ability to love the skin you're in.  The

{ By Miranda Martin } November 3, 2021 was National Stress Awareness Day, and VivoDoc has some great tips for managing stress and living your best life when things get a little tense. From exercise and a healthy, balanced diet to simply going easy on yourself, here are some of VivoDoc’s best tips on managing stress. Exercise, and eat well Did you know that even a few minutes of exercise a day can increase your endorphin production, which aids in relaxation and overall well being? Even taking a brisk walk for 15 or 30 minutes daily can have wonderful effects on your

{ By Miranda Martin } If you’re anything like me, you may have waited a little too long to plan this year’s Thanksgiving meal. That said, don’t panic-- there are many simple, last-minute makes you can bring to this year’s Thanksgiving dinner that doesn’t take much prep time (and won’t break the bank). From parmesan smashed potatoes to an easy turkey roast and delicious, simple desserts, these are some of my favorite “last-minute” Thanksgiving recipes! Easy parmesan smashed-potatoes One of my favorite, simple recipes, my parmesan smashed-potatoes take the time out of peeling and mashing potatoes in favor of leaving potatoes lightly

{ By Mallika Malhotra } We all have pet peeves that drive us up the wall. Does anyone else cringe when they see that one entrepreneur selling AGAIN? I’ve worked in the branding industry for many years. During this time, I’ve had the privilege of watching many incredible brands bloom from insignificant to influencers. At the same time, I’ve witnessed a lot of branding mishaps. In this post, I’m sharing the top three blunders I see repeated over and over by business owners. These particular ones get under my skin the most because they can really paint brands in a negative light.  Are you committing

{ By Miranda Martin } Thanksgiving is a yearly, American tradition focused on family, food, and all the things we’re thankful for as we look back on years past. However, in recent years there’s been a significant uptake in young adults celebrating “Friendsgiving”, giving many a place to feel safe, accepted, and celebrated amongst their chosen family. Here’s why this new tradition is so important, and how you can throw a “Friendsgiving” this year, too! Why “Friendsgiving” means so much to so many Some individuals don’t have a large family, or may not be in touch with their family members. That said,

{ By Laura Lorta } Recently, I was reminded of the importance of one of my favorite bible verses: “Be still, and know that I am God.” — Psalm 46:10 Now, if you are the type that gets uncomfortable with faith-talk, I know you’re tempted to stop reading right now BUT I encourage you to stick around. Even though I credit my blessings to the man upstairs and maybe that’s just not your vibe, there’s still wisdom to be gained from the story that I’m about to share. Go-getter, Entrepreneur, Hustler - these are all terms that name the same kind of

{ By Miranda Martin } Want to spice up your yearly jack-o-lantern with more glam? From painted pumpkins to glitter-dipped gourds, we have tips on how to make your pumpkin decor the talk of the town this Halloween season. Glitter pumpkins A fad that has taken off in the last few years, glitter pumpkins bring the sparkle to your Halloween celebrations! Making a glitter pumpkin is as simple as using a spray adhesive and craft glitter, and boom-- you have a glam, glittery pumpkin in seconds! Just spray adhesive onto your pumpkin (after placing it on a lot of newspaper or other

{ By Miranda Martin } Looking to do more than just trick-or-treating with the family this Halloween? From spooky mini-golf to Halloween parties and beyond, there’s more to do this Halloweekend (as in, the weekend Halloween occurs) than just getting candy.  Spooky mini-golf (but not too spooky!) A recent, rising Halloween trend has seen miniature-golf courses across the country turn to “spooky mini-golf”, a Halloween-themed mini-golfing experience that the whole family can enjoy! In Philadelphia, PA, Franklin Square offers a spooky mini-golf experience for the whole family complete with kids being allowed to come golf in their costumes, cute ghosts and jack-o-lanterns