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{By Miranda Martin } I often reflect on how my high school classmates have been breaking the mold, blowing the roof off the fashion and tech industries, and generally succeeding so well in recent years (let’s go, WWHS class of 2014!), but one entrepreneur in particular from my graduating class has been killing it lately. Disrupting the accessories and fashion industries with unique, handmade designs, entrepreneur and new-mom Liana Scruggs runs the boutique earring brand ‘Statements by Li’, and her designs are truly one of a kind.  Statements by Li Earrings: unique statements that are disrupting the fashion industry (in the best

{ By Miranda Martin } Lately, everyone has been on the cacao craze. From Kourtney Kardashian’s Poosh cacao recipes to organic grocers selling cacao-infused treats galore, everyone wants a taste of this cocoa alternative. That being the case, you can imagine my surprise at finding Remedy Organics’ Cacao Essentials beverage and loving it. Let’s talk more about cacao, Remedy Organics’ products, and why I’m loving them both so much heading into 2022.  Remedy Organics Cacao Essentials Beverage and Other Products Cacao is derived from the same plant (and same bean) as cocoa, but retains more of its nutritional value through a different

{ By Bethany Braun-Silva } Welcome to 2022, and if you're slowly creeping into the new year like I am, making a resolution to last the next 12 months can be pretty daunting. Between surviving the junior year of the pandemic and taking care of our home and families, adding a new goal to our seemingly never-ending list is hard to wrap our collective heads around. But there are some resolutions that parents can make and achieve this year that don't require any significant overhaul of, well

{ By Johnna Devereaux (Clinical Pet Nutritionist } 12 re(solutions) to make your pup healthier and happier throughout the year! It’s that time of year when we reflect upon how we’ve spent our time and think about things we’d like to do a little differently in the New Year. This year, not only are we celebrating a new year but we are also celebrating a new decade! So let’s make the most of it!  1. Take a new stance on treats!  Make sure the treats you buy have less than 9 ingredients, are free of artificial additives, have no chemical preservatives & are free

{ By Miranda Martin } January is upon us, and that means cold weather is to come. Fret not, though, fashionistas-- there are tons of ways to dress up an outfit for the Winter 2021/2022 fashion season, and we’ve got the scoop on all this season’s top trends.  Fashion trends for January 2022 and the long winter ahead Some of the top fashion trends spotted this holiday season (on models like Gigi Hadid, influencers like Addison Rae, icons like Rihanna, and beyond) include… Fuzzy bucket hats: This nineties trend is back, with a wintry twist! Fuzzy bucket hats have been spotted all over TikTok, Instagram,

{ By Miranda Martin brought to you by VivoDoc } The holidays can be a joyful, fulfilling time-- but they can also be a stressful time. If you’re experiencing some holiday stress or anxiety, these tips from the medical professionals (and our friends!) at VivoDoc can help you relax, recharge, and regain control this holiday season. Tips for Managing Holiday Stress: Better Sleep, Deep Breathing, Boundary Setting, and Therapy Sometimes, the small things we can control and make adjustments to in our daily routine make all the difference. Two ways to reduce the stress that are simple and effective include prioritizing better

{ By Miranda Martin } It’s the holiday season, and that means it’s time to bust out the holiday decor, deck the halls, and spend some time with our loved ones as we reflect on the past year (and look forward to the year ahead)! If you’re looking to create more meaningful, lasting holiday traditions with your loved ones this season, try these tips for beginning holiday traditions that will endure for years to come.  Traditions you may already know, but need to start:  Some holiday traditions you may be familiar with, but simply don’t do for one reason or another. Why

{ By Nadia Murdock } Don’t worry there is still time and these gifts are going to fit their lifestyle perfectly.  Who needs another yoga mat (I mean we all love a yoga mat though).  Try these gift-giving ideas to put a smile on your loved ones' faces, trust me they won’t be disappointed.  Boy Meets Girl T-Shirts As a business owner, mother, and woman being passionate about a cause is nothing short of amazing, it most likely comes naturally. The t-shirts from Boy Meets Girl are excellent for the gym, a dressed-up for a meeting you might need to take virtually or

{ By Bethany Braun-Silva } With New Year's Eve approaching, you might be thinking about the best way to celebrate with your little ones, and while midnight is past most kids' bedtimes, there are still plenty of fun ways to celebrate as a family. As a mom of two, I actually prefer celebrating with my kids (way before midnight) to the fancy parties and inevitable hype of the New Year. Here are six ways to have a fun New Year's Eve celebration at home with your family. 1. Mock Midnight: Each year, Netflix releases special episodes of kids' shows that feature a New Year's Eve

{ By Miranda Martin } Recently, IFEL CEO Jill Johnson was honored with the Women’s Empowerment Award from Berkeley College. Part of the Seventh Annual Women’s Entrepreneurship Week (WEW) Summit entitled “The Future Is Women,” the Women’s Empowerment Award celebrates women at the forefront of business, government, media, public health, entertainment, fashion and more.  Johnson was awarded for her achievements as a visionary, small business champion and inclusion advocate on a mission to make the entrepreneurial ecosystem more equitable for minority entrepreneurs.  Jill Johnson is the Co-Founder & CEO of the Institute For Entrepreneurial Leadership (IFEL), a non-profit business consulting organization she founded

{ By Mallika Malhotra } It takes a village to grow a business.  One of the most important lessons I’ve learned over the past 18 years as an entrepreneur is that you can’t do it all by yourself.  If you try to go solo in business and avoid collaborating and connecting with others, you're likely to burn out fast. There are SO many highs and lows on the entrepreneurial roller coaster, it's crucial to find like-minded people who understand the journey. Otherwise, you can end up feeling isolated and lost. Female entrepreneurs need more support than a Google search or their hubby's feedback

{ By Angel Padulo } If you asked me 10 years ago what an angel investor was, I didn’t know the answer. Most men and women don’t know what an angel investor is, especially women. So in case you fall into the group of not knowing