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Soul Scapes on This is it TV

WOW….. Have you ever been to SoulScapes in Downingtown, Pennsylvania? Simply Amazing! This beautiful space is owned and operated by an even more beautiful soul – Tracie Ullman! It was a pleasure to tour her gorgeous operation and learn more […]

Front Street Cafe at PJP

We LOVE visiting PJP and hosting This Is It TV within their Culinary Academy. We had a wonderful time hanging with the folks from Front Street Cafe Philadelphia! We were laughng while cooking during this whole segment. Make sure you swing by, see them and […]

DasGood at PJP

We LOVE visiting PJP and hosting This Is It TV within their Culinary Academy. We had a wonderful time #cooking with Das Good Inc. during this fun-filled segment! #CookingIt with #ThisisitTV#PJPonThisisitTV#ScreamYourDream More information on Das Good Inc. can be found on dasgoodinc.com

Sydney Grims | Louie Louie

Thank you Sydney Grims from Louie Louie. She is truly a top-notch professional and her and her team have developed a breathtaking NEW restaurant. #LouieLouie is a MUST see! Check out our interveiw and follow, fan and like this NEW […]

Trust the Journey

Life is a complicated and a difficult thing at time. It is important to be brave and trust your journey. It often requires not only patience but perseverance in order for us all to reach our goals. Please trust your […]

Patience is Key.

PATIENCE. So often we give up before we even truly begin. PATIENCE. The journey to your goals and dreams is never short or fast. PATIENCE is required to endure your hardships and “out run” your competition. Take your time. It […]

Welcome to This is it with Cheldin!

This is it with Cheldin is your daily dose of lifestyle news as we celebrate the entrepreneurial spirit. We come to you – Monday through Friday – from our interactive studio in Philadelphia, Pa. Each day we engage our viewers […]

Kylie Jenner Join Adidas Family

Kylie Jenner Is Now a Part of the Adidas Family With Kendall Jenner and Kanye West Kylie Jenner is putting her family first, even when it comes to business. Now that the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star’s contract with Puma has ended, […]

New Starbucks High-Protein Cold Brew Is A Pretty Legit Option For Vegans

What is this stuff anyways? There are two versions of the drink: the Almond Protein Blended Cold Brew and the Cacao Protein Cold Brew. Both drinks use plant-based protein—specifically, a blend of pea protein, banana powder, and brown rice protein, according […]