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Written by Allana Pinkerton - https://allanapinkerton.com Restoring your gut health should always be top priority. Having indigestion problems might not just be from the foods you are eating, but from bacteria and microbiome issues in your gut, which affects your

Written by Marcia Williams www.embellishbeauty.store This pandemic has really made us super crazy about making sure things are cleaned in a whole new way. Now that it’s impossible to receive our monthly facial treatments, it’s essential that we adopt a facial

Recipe provided by Lisa Moulden from https://www.doughcuts.com.au/ Celebrate 4th July with the hottest new baking trend!  Depending on where you're from these layered cookie cakes could be called cream tarts, cream biscuits or a cookie cake.  Whatever you call them (we

Written by Allana Pinkerton - https://lifewithallana.podia.com/affiliate Well, it happened. I never thought I would be let go from a job and yet, like many Americans and people across the world, COVID-19 managed to bring me to my knees because I am

Written by Grace Recka @bootycampusa - www.bootycampusa.com If you're anything like me, you've had to get *extra* creative while working out at home during quarantine -- especially if you're seeking to build strength and sculpt your muscles. I believe that working

Recipe provided by Tara Ivins - https://www.plentifulpath.com Prep time 5-10 min Ingredients 1 (15 oz) can chickpeas (drained)½ cup maple syrup¼ cup tahini1/2 cup dark chocolate cocoaPinch of salt2 tbsp. Grand ManierDash of cinnamon1 tsp vanillapinch of cinnamon Preparation Place all ingredients in a high

Post provided by https://parentsanonymous.org/ Being a parent is one of the most important and rewarding roles a mother or father will experience in their lifetime. At the same time, it can often feel exhausting, challenging and overwhelming. Life gets much busier

Written by Dr. Janice Asher - https://drjaniceasher.com It’s time to ditch the soda! Sugar-sweetened beverages (SSB’s) are the number one source of added sugar in our country’s diet and are the single biggest culprit in long-term weight gain . People get as many

Written by Adam Reeve - Description: If you are on a keto diet and do not like pure alcoholic beverages, we have found tasty keto cocktails. More precisely, they are the most common ones that are suitable for weight loss on a

Written by Beth Nydick - https://bethnydick.com When people ask me, “What do I have to do to get media?” I usually ask them to think of it this way. If your business was to gain media, (be on tv/in a magazine

Written by Erica Desper - https://www.beaconfidentparent.com As a potty training consultant, I am often asked by parents how to be sure that their child is ready for potty training. If you are wondering the same, here are a few things to