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Recently, I stumbled upon the music of Christina Jones-- an emerging star as seen on ‘American Idol’ who’s currently studying at the Berklee Conservatory of Music-- and my interest was more than piqued.  Jones’ most recent album, You Were My Compass,

{ By Miranda Martin } It’s summertime, and that means sunshine! That also means, however, excess sun exposure and sometimes sunburn, which can lead to dry or damaged skin. Other than SPF, how can you prevent skin damage (like redness

{ By Miranda Martin } It’s summertime, and that means it’s time to venture into the great outdoors and, if you’re anything like me and my family, go camping in some beautiful State and National Parks! That said, making camping

{ By Emily O'Connell, Editorial Coordinator } I am by no means a female entrepreneur, but I always try to embody their traits of grit.  I always try to put my passion, energy, heart and hustle into my work.  I

{ By Miranda Martin } The old adage is true-- “you can’t pour from an empty cup.” There are days when resting is just as productive as working, and here’s why. If you overdo it, you can’t get anything done If you never

Sunday, July 11th A Tribute to The Sound of Philadelphia with sweet Philly Soul sounds at 8:00 pm EST for $6.99“Push back the sofa and get ready to dance!” CLICK HERE TO REGISTER: https://ugotv.lightcast.com From "Betcha By Golly, Wow" to "Backstabbers", the

{ By Miranda Martin } While scrolling through Instagram once-upon-a-time, I happened to stumble on Bella Kidman Cruise’s art page (rather, while scrolling through “Art-stagram”, I should say), and I was immediately captivated. From cute and creepy creatures to brightly colored

{ By Emily O'Connell , Editorial Coordinator } We live in a country fueled by success.  The results of the election, the outcome of the race, the awards of celebrities, the rankings of individuals in a corporate setting.  Kanye West's notable

{ By Miranda Martin } Many companies are switching to a permanent “work-from-home” model, which means more and more business professionals will have the freedom to live and work wherever they choose. One pro of this shift could be that smaller

"Free, Completely Free" is the final song from Christina Jones's recent album, You Were My Compass, in conjunction with the remarkable, Kimiko Ishizaka. This song completes her transformation from feeling hopeless and out of control, to confident and powerful. Truly remarkable!

{ By Cara Zelas / Big World of Little Dude } The most organic way to be kind is to start with small acts of kindness in your home. Encouraging kindness is an important skill that is foundational to a