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by Candi Obrentz - candiobrentz.com A decades old list entitled “Commandments” written by my Stepfather became one of his greatest gifts to me after he passed away in 2013. To put things in perspective: 1) the commandments are not religious

By Grace Grenier ANGELFISH, a heart-warming film directed by Peter Lee, made its debut earlier last month. The love story stars Princess Nokia as Eva and Jimi Stanton as Brendan, two unexpected lovers that come from different worlds of New York

A Guide from Chef Karen Ferries - The Cocktail Chef - By Grace Grenier Not sure where to start for you holiday party menu? Chef Karen Ferries-Yoon is here to help! Check out some of her best holiday cocktail party

Tips from Chef Karen Ferries The Cocktail Chef By Grace Grenier Ingredients & Tips:  Freeze the Meatballs (chicken, beef, or turkey with tomato sauce) a week or two in advance of your party.  To save time, buy store-bought tomato sauce (Karen

from Chef Karen Ferries - The Cocktail Chef - By Grace Grenier Meet Karen! Certified Chef, Karen Ferries-Yoon, owns an exquisite catering company, The Cocktail Party Chef. She founded the company in Brooklyn, NY in 2013, and continues to create

Interview with Michelle Olson from Vintage Market 1. What makes Bethlehem such a unique place during the holidays?  Both Oprah Winfrey and Martha Steward have recently published articles about Bethlehem, PA, Americas "Christmas City."  It is unique as it is a very

by Stephanie Mooney - Columbus Corner Bakery We all have them, what are yours? Going to the Macy’s light show on Broad Street? Rockefeller Center to see the Rockettes? Patti’s 1800 Settlement or Lights Under Louisville, both in Kentucky? Cutting down

from Dana Humphrey - https://thepetlady.net There’s nothing like puckering up under the mistletoe to receive a big, wet kiss from the sweetest companion around – the problem? Each lick transfers over a million bacteria, many of which can cause gum

By Tara Ivins, Plentiful Path Full disclosure, this is my favorite holiday. I love the food, and I love the unique time where we sit down with family and friends for a meal. Throughout history humans have been using food

By Jodi Silverman, Host of In the Nest with Jodi and Founder of the Moms Who Dare Community What Are Your Expectations? Parents everywhere are getting ready for their college kids to come home for Thanksgiving.  For many, this is their first

The holidays are here! If you’re the host, sous chef, cook, and family peacemaker, Thanksgiving can be stressful. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, check out our holiday survival guide for Thanksgiving dinner prep to stay organized (and sane) the day of

Thanksgiving is right around the corner. Are you hosting this year? Impress your guests with a beautiful table set with DIY decor.