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{ By Lauren Trunfio } If the name Gita Omri does not ring a bell, now is the time to learn about the size-inclusive designer who shined at her NYFW Debut.  Gita Omri Brown, a designer, based in NYC, is a new trailblazer in the fashion world, challenging the status quo in design as we know it. With a mission to “reintroduce fashion as a tool to enhance one’s confidence and self-esteem,” Omri designs her clothing to empower and end the archaic standards of beauty.  Meet Gita Omri, The Size-Inclusive Designer Who Shined At NYFW  On September 9th, 2022, Omri showcased 37 looks at

{ By Allison Altobelli }  Our “Top Dog” Athletes of the Week are brought to you by Top Dog Cocktails. With record sell-outs during the WNBA Finals, Serena Williams’ insane performance at the U.S. Open, and surfing legends winning their 8th world title, women’s sports is finally gaining the attention it deserved all along. There are so many athletes killing the game right now that need some recognition. Here are our 5 Top Dog Athletes of the week. #1: Serena Williams Serena Williams will be a name that is remembered forever within the sports world. With 73 overall singles titles, 23 Grand Slam

{ By Miranda Martin } September is Hispanic Heritage Month, a month all about celebrating Hispanic heritage and the accomplishments of Hispanic community members. In honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, we recently asked members of our Screamer Community to shout out some of their favorite Hispanic artists and Hispanic-owned businesses, and we’re sharing (and celebrating!) them all here: https://www.instagram.com/howtospanish/ - If you’re looking for fun, creative ways to practice learning Spanish, this Instagram account is a great way to start your journey or continue your practice!Rosalvie Marte & co! This Hispanic-owned marketing agency can help you get ahead in all things business. Vanessa

{ By Miranda Martin } Crisp mornings, falling leaves, and the age-old debate of “Chai vs. Pumpkin Spice”-- autumn is just around the corner. Speaking of the age-old beverage debate, we asked members of our SCREAMER Community to weigh in with their opinions on the best drink flavors of fall. So, will chai take the (coffee) cake, or will pumpkin spice reign supreme? Let’s find out! 16.7%: Neither, nor! One of our Screamer community members isn’t a fan of either famous fall beverage (but we wonder how they’d feel about some hot chocolate, another autumn and winter favorite?)16.7%: Both! For some,

{ By Miranda Martin } Labor Day was founded in 1894 to recognize workers' many contributions to America’s strength, prosperity, and well-being. In honor of Labor Day this month, we asked our SCREAMER Community members, “What do you appreciate as an employee/employer here in the States, and what progress would you like to see happen in the next decade in terms of the way we do business?” Here are some of their responses: “As a CEO it is my goal to make sure that my employees feel appreciated and heard. Over my time spent in Corporate America, it was not often that I

{ By Miranda Martin } These Moms Gave us the Scoop on the Best Back to School Shopping! September marks the end of summer and the start of the school year, so it’s time to buy some school supplies! From notebooks and pencils to backpacks and beyond, we asked our Screamer Community for their tips on back-to-school shopping, and here’s what they had to say: 33.4%: Staples! This office and back-to-school supply staple (see what we did there?) store ranked at the top of the list, often featuring sales on back-to-school and office supplies year-round.16.7%: Target! With fashionable backpacks and notebooks

{ By Cara Tyrrell } The last few weeks of pregnancy are full of exponential growth, both yours and your baby’s, nervous excitement and edgy anticipation (will today be the day?), and a chorus of friends and family asking, “Are you ready?”.  You have a number of ready answers for very different reasons.  Are you ready to evict your sweet, bladder-pushing bundle from its current rent-controlled womb to the world? Yes! Are you ready to sleep without a snake-shaped pregnancy pillow propping you up in ALL the places? Definitely.  Are you ready to hold your tiny human in your arms for the first time and

{ B y Miranda Martin } As San Diego Comic-Con comes to a close (with some impressive trailers, panels, and easter eggs left behind to start geeking out!), we wanted to catch up with our SCREAMER community members and ask them one not-so-simple question: “Who’s your favorite superhero?” This may seem easy to some, but for others, it was hard to choose just one! Catch our community members’ favorite superheroes below, and share yours with us in the comments, too: “Will I be banned for life if I say I don't follow Comic Con? Just kidding! But, I love Superman, because -

{ By Miranda Martin } International Kissing Day happens each summer, and what better time than now to share our go-to lip products? From keeping your lips healthy and hydrated to plumping them up or painting them a flirtatious shade, here are the all-time favorite lip products members of our Screamer community just had to share! Our go-to lip products listed… Here are our Screamers recommendations for the best lip products around: “Gatherwise Cardamom Lip Balm”“Badger Organic Lip Balm Tangerine Breeze”“I don't use lip products except for the occasional chapstick.”“Burt’s Bees chapstick! The best foundation for smooth lips.”“Light pink lip gloss.”“Divinely Couture Beauty Liquid

{ By Miranda Martin } Here are Our SCREAMERS’ favorite ice cream flavors! It’s sweet summertime, so we had to ask our SCREAMERS one pressing question: “What’s your favorite ice cream flavor?” Unsurprisingly, the results were varied-- but one flavor, in particular, came out on top: mint chocolate chip, of course! Here are our Screamers’ favorite ice cream flavors. Mint Chocolate Chip. With FOUR votes, this one came out on top, as the others only got one each– proving how varied our tastes are and how excellent ice cream can be in any flavor!Black RaspberryBrambleberry Crisp by Jeni’sChocolate (a classic!)Chocolate Chip Cookie

Gratitude or appreciation. Tomato or tomahto, right? For me, I prefer appreciation over gratitude. It could have something to do with my severe lack of appreciation over thirteen years ago. After living in London and traveling the world for a summer back in 2004, I had to come home for your typical “adult” responsibilities. It was then I lost my way for a few years; until one day I had an awakening while sitting in my square, grey cubical with no windows at my 9-5. I was sixty-five pounds overweight, depressed, lost, and lonely. Yet, there I was, in my 20s

{ By Michelle Valiukenas } Recently, I had the opportunity to sit with my mom, my mother-in-law, and my sister-in-law, three of the most important people in my life, and with me included, four moms that gave birth and raised children in different decades.  We started talking about breastfeeding and the shaming that goes along with it.  Each of us had a slightly different story, but we all had stories about how we were told, either directly or indirectly, that we were not a good mom if we didn’t breastfeed, if we did not keep doing every single thing we could