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Ready to transform your reading experience? Join “THIS IS NOT A BOOK CLUB” with Yolanda Milton for just $159/month! Enjoy five impactful books a year, participate in 2 group coaching calls monthly, and gain access to an incredible reflection and accountability library. Connect with like-minded individuals in the TINABC Community and embark on a personal and professional growth journey. Sign up today and discover the power of intentional reading.

Ace Travels Agency

Embark on a journey tailored just for you with Ace Travels Agency, where we specialize in curating personalized and culturally immersive trips. Whether you’re a group of adventurers or individuals seeking a unique travel experience, we craft journeys beyond the ordinary. Our expert team meticulously designs itineraries that blend cultural authenticity with personalized preferences, ensuring each trip is a captivating world exploration.

Vida Rose Coaching Solutions

Club LeaderSHIP™ is your space to explore your path to success and fulfillment in a supportive community of women like you. When you join, you get access to: Monthly meetings with a network of supportive women – your circle of trust Quarterly one-day retreats at the luxurious Copper House One-on-one executive and life coaching Social gatherings throughout the year Private sailing events on Vida Rose Choose the membership that’s right for you: annual, monthly, or single retreat.

Nadia Murdock Fit

Understanding Self-Prioritization: Explore the importance of putting yourself first, from the physical to the emotional and mental aspects of self-care. You grab this download if you are interested in creating healthy boundaries and fostering self-acceptance. You are feeling like you are running on empty. You are constatnly putting yourself on the back burner.

Unscrew Yourself with Caren Cooper

As an end result people will feel transformed and elevated and no longer in there own way and they will receive connection to their body, identity evolution and removal of limiting beliefs along with many other things Unscrew Yourself as a 12 week transformation journey of self discovery, healing, connecting to body and identity evolution– connection to higher self. When you show up differently you generate different results in life and business.

Slay On Socials with Autumn Martin

The Slay On Socials Accelerator: A high level group coaching program and course for mission driven content creators and business owners who want to grow and monetize iconic personal brands on social media, and enhance their skills as content creators, speakers, and leaders so that they can effortlessly attract their soulmate clients and community.

Seema Desai Coaching and Consulting

Feeling overwhelmed by the back-to-back meetings, e-mail notifications, and to-do lists? This is the resource you’ve been looking for to help you find calm in the chaos as an ambitious, busy professional. From insights on how to incorporate breathwork and meditation into your modern daily life, to a library of guided breathwork and meditation sessions, to eye-opening concepts to better-understand and mitigate your stress, this video series is something you’ll use to create your path forward to your next level and beyond.

DIY HIP Chicks

Home Hacks – A Beginner DIY Course. Home Hacks is an essential course for homeowners to save money, stress, and time while building confidence. They are pre-recorded, self-paced lessons for desktop or smart phone. Only $99 to save that expensive call to a pro!

The Jaimee Campanella Company

The Time Power Family Calendar is a jumbo-size dry-erase family calendar designed by a parent and time management expert! It is a Simple and Fun Way to Tame the Chaos and Overwhelm While Bringing Your Family Closer Together. Honor Your Time, Find the Beauty in Every Moment.

Emily McDonald Coaching

Founder Moms Support Group. A small, curated group of founder moms. In this group you will learn how to work less, have more impact and make more money in the time you do work, so that you can spend better, more quality time with your family.


Your next engaging social post is in the cards… quite literally! Say hello to the Socially Savvy Power Prompt Cards©️, your new best friend in the world of social media strategy. These babies pack a punch, giving you done-for-you captions to keep your dream clients glued to your timeline.

Lizzie's Love Cakes

A selection of bundt pound cakes in various flavors. Your Love Cake is made in honor of our mother, aunties, grandmothers and countless other impactful women; their zest for life and love is poured into each Love Cake. Use the code SCREAMLOVE for 10% off your purchase.

Fit Warrior Life

Let’s talk about how easy it can be to access this hidden superpower. You will leave this presentation with a clear understanding of the following: What is intuition, and why do we need it? 3 Key Benefits of Tapping into Your Intuition + 3 Practical ways to use infinite intelligence to make win-win decisions.

Gwen Montoya

Are you ready to develop a marketing plan that works with your strengths, personality, and goals? Marketing coaching with me is a highly personalized approach designed to produce results, including increased website traffic, more engagement and leads from social media, and higher conversion rates from your email marketing. We’ll start with your goals for your business and then together build a marketing plan that considers your strengths and preferences. Decisions are based on data and best practices for long-term success.

FitGO Bag

Have you been wanting to workout but haven’t started? Maybe the gym is too expensive? Or the equipment is too confusing? Have you been trying to lose weight but not getting the results you want?

A full-body workout in one lightweight, stylish bag. Grab your bag and work out anywhere, any time! Free Youtube workouts on our channel!

Serenity Nail Polish

Serenity Nail Polish provides children and their families with a healthier, chemical-free nail polish option. In addition, they strive to ignite creativity in children to express themselves through nail color and nail art. As a token of our appreciation, Enter PROMO CODE: ThankYou10 for 10% off of all purchases on our website.

Helena Rosenthal

Helena specializes in comprehensive financial planning. Committed to a seamless customer journey, her team includes highly respected CPAs, attorneys, estate planning experts, and business development resources. She is passionate about democratizing access to sophisticated financial strategies and tools.


Put a little spring into your BadAss Babe`s step! These super soft, extra cushiony ETSY socks are screaming HER name: “Yes I`m ready to stand loud, proud, and unapologetic! “Grab a pair for yourself, too before Lori Diamond Art BadAss Babe no-show socks are gone.


This $97 digital course teaches you 24 ASL signs to use with your baby! 5-min daily lessons delivered directly to your inbox over three weeks. Secure the parent/child bond, build emotional vocabulary and healthy social/emotional skills. Please give them a voice before they have one and the 24 signs are grouped to match your baby’s age and stage of development!