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CEO + Executive Producer

Cheldin Barlatt Rumer


Cheldin Barlatt Rumer, an immigrant from Sierra Leone, West Africa, embraces multiple roles with passion and determination. As a devoted mother to Sydney Rachel (13) and Chase Rogers (6), she understands the importance of fostering connections and inspiring stories for remarkable women. With a background as a former Division I Athlete in Field Hockey and Track and Field at La Salle University, Philadelphia, and currently serving as an Adjunct Professor at Temple University, specializing in Personal Branding, Cheldin has a rich and diverse professional journey.

In 2009, Cheldin founded the digital agency i-g creative, based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The agency aimed to support small business owners, particularly women, in areas such as social media campaigns, publicity, graphic design, and web development. The turning point came in early 2013 when Cheldin assisted one of her shy clients in overcoming nerves for a local morning show appearance. This experience ignited the concept of “SCREAM YOUR DREAM™,” motivating Cheldin to make it her life’s mission to help talented individuals confidently share their stories and promote their businesses.

This mission materialized into the creation of THIS IS IT NETWORK™, a daily digital talk show where small business owners, industry leaders, and brand influencers find a vibrant online platform to showcase their ventures comfortably. The show not only promotes businesses, products, and services but also shares lifestyle news and celebrates the entrepreneurial spirit.

Cheldin’s journey of building THIS IS IT NETWORK™, a self-funded platform and online community, reflects her unwavering dedication, numerous sacrifices, and indomitable grit. Recognizing the demand for a digital outlet that authentically narrates the entrepreneurial journey, she has interviewed over 1,000 professionals. In response to requests from guests, Cheldin expanded her support to assist them in producing independent digital programs, instructional courses, and engaging promotions, further contributing to the growth of their businesses and personal brands.



Cheldin Barlatt Rumer is the CEO and Executive Producer of THIS IS IT NETWORK™, a global female, minority-owned digital streaming platform. Each day, THIS IS IT NETWORK™ shares inspiring stories with a diverse community of female leaders, executives, and entrepreneurs through educational entertainment. This inclusive and engaging content consists of online video programs and lifestyle blogs hosted and written by various captivating personalities and professionals

Rumer uses her magnetic personality, unmatched energy, and industry expertise to promote the accomplishments and ambitions of her international guests while captivating her global audience of remarkable women. Through a layered media strategy, she intentionally caters to her community’s multifaceted lives, both personally and professionally. 

Through her SCREAM YOUR DREAM™ online courses and in-person classes, she provides participants with the measurable tools and tactics needed to clarify their personal brand, share their brand stories, and generate results. 

As an immigrant from Sierra Leone, West Africa, a former Division 1 athlete, a mother of two, an adjunct professor, a personal branding expert, and an author, Rumer works diligently to encourage her audience to no longer whisper their wishes but to scream their dreams.


Unleash the power of SCREAM YOUR DREAM™. Embark on a transformative journey with SCREAM YOUR DREAM™. This revolutionary practice empowers leaders, executives, and entrepreneurs to amplify their voices while crafting a personal brand that propels them toward unparalleled success.

At THIS IS IT NETWORK™, we recognize the pivotal role of BRANDING and MEDIA in fostering personal and professional advancement. CEO and Executive Producer Cheldin Barlatt Rumer aims to enlighten and guide her community in mastering the art of PERSONAL BRANDING. Through grassroots marketing education, measurable lessons, practical tactics, and invaluable skills, Rumer equips participants to discover and articulate their distinctive marketing voice.

In this book, Rumer navigates the complexities of personal branding in today’s dynamic digital landscape, offering detailed steps to harness your unique personality and individual experiences that promote your brand through authentic and compelling storytelling. This book empowers you to find your voice, tell your story, and build your brand. It’s time for you to SCREAM YOUR DREAM™.


Today, in addition to producing my digital morning program, THIS IS IT WITH CHELDIN, we produce engaging online programs highlighting captivating hosts and their businesses. In early 2019, THIS IS IT TV evolved into the THIS IS IT NETWORK (an i-g creative production), a national interactive digital TV network created to aid remarkable women in connecting with inspiring stories. 

We have recently traveled to Los Angeles, Boston, Washington DC, and Atlanta in search of more entrepreneurial stories and to strengthen the THIS IS IT TV brand nationally. Weekly my team and I produce over 100 hours of content and rely on partners and advertising to continue doing what we love. Though it is a tremendous amount of work, with extremely long hours with, countless challenges and hurdles to jump – each day, I am committed to my mission, and every day, through the work we do and the community we serve – I SCREAM MY DREAM! 


As CEO and Executive Producer of THIS IS IT NETWORK, Cheldin Barlatt Rumer has spent over two decades creating, managing, and executing strategic marketing campaigns for clients within various lifestyle industries. Rumer continues her commitment to communication and marketing education by sharing entrepreneurial stories through her daily morning talk show THIS IS IT WITH CHELDIN. 

This online program allows entrepreneurs and personalities to find their marketing voice while promoting their products, services, and projects. In addition to Rumer’s talk show, THIS IS IT NETWORK produces and distributes 25 additional online programs highlighting captivating hosts and experts. 

As a marketing and personal branding expert, Rumer developed her result-driven SCREAM YOUR DREAM instructional platform. This platform and her SCREAM YOUR DREAM Membership Community encourage remarkable women to learn, create and grow through personal and professional development.

As a working mother of two, Rumer works to inspire female entrepreneurs to no longer whisper their wishes but to, in fact – scream their dreams. Rumer is also an Adjunct Professor at both Temple and Drexel Universities in Philadelphia. She instructs undergraduate students in Personal Branding, Interactive Media, Online Advertising, and Social Media Strategy.

CHELDIN ON Steve Adubato

I was so fortunate to have sat down with Steve Adubato during his fantastic show. I got to share the #ScreamYourDream message and more information about This Is It TV!

If you have ever questioned WHAT I do and WHY I do it… Please watch this video and contact me TODAY to see how we can work together: [email protected]


Sherrie McLaughlin – Kids Kuts, Voorhees

“Working with Cheldin Barlatt Rumer is exactly what I needed to bring my small business to the next level! She helped me with not only marketing, but more importantly branding. Anyone can keep their small business afloat, but learning how to build is essential and teaming up with Cheldin is smart business”


Kymber Renee – Kissy Kosmetics

I met Cheldin in March of 2014 and it has been one of the best business/friend relationships to ever come into my life. Cheldin came into my life when I knew my business needed to go into a new direction but, I didn’t know what it would be or how to get there. Like big gust of wind and most certainly a breathe of fresh air she knew exactly what to do and how to teach about growing my brand. Today KissyKosmetics and Skincare has a growing website both business and personal and many sub branches forming. Not only is she moving the brand forward  for and with me she had committed herself in seeing it through. I absolutely could not be in better company with her giving her support professionally. She is 100% the best at what she does.


Dana Flocco & Jenne Doyle – Heads & Tails Beauty Boutique

In today’s business climate- we all know it oftentimes takes money in order to make money, however if you’re a small business/business owner- there’s not always an endless amount of capital to invest in PR/Marketing/Social Media; but that area can really help drive new business and remind existing clients your business is still around. Enter Cheldin and her team! She helped us develop some great ideas for our social media and understood the importance of working within our budget- it can be done! She made it easy to implement a few online contests and we saw immediate results! The partnership was easy and stress-free.  Cheldin has been a great resource for us and it’s great to know she’s in our corner!


Jennifer and David Sterling – Regina Builders

What a great experience we had when working with Cheldin to discuss better ways to market our new business! She’s not only knowledgeable about how best to market your business/brand, but she is enthusiastic, realistic, truthful and creative about the whole process.  She puts every effort into really getting to know your business and the clientele you are looking to cater to. Cheldin offers edgy and innovative ideas on how to better reach the clients you are looking to do business with. She loves what she does and it clearly shows in the level of dedication and passion she brings to the table.

Focus James

Cheldin Barlatt Rumer is an authentic voice in the world. She has created her life to be her most purest self expression AND she invites others daily to do the same inside her platform,ThisisitTV. What a joy to give a daily glance to the world and what it looks like to live in your purpose and offer daily examples of guests living their best life (or on their way).  Thank You Cheldin for who you had to become to give us the GIFT OF YOU!


Sherry Marcantuono – Lotus Woods Journey

Cheldin is honest, kind and smart – being with her is like being back home with an old friend. We just picked up where we left off. The experience being on her show was one of the best experiences to date! Her staff is welcoming and just as kind. I love that our time together was easy and reflective of what my business represents. Cheldin cares on and off camera and that is refreshing. I’ve watched her shows and Cheldin is constitutionally awesome! I love her unique style and dedication to herself and others. I can’t wait to work with Cheldin again!

Lauren Marhefka – Student

Thank you so much Cheldin!!! You have been an incredible support system for me. I actually did want to let you know how valuable your class was for me because during my interview process for this position, one of the questions the regional director asked me was “describe your personal brand.” I was MORE than prepared to answer it!


Renee Elsner – Peach

It was an absolute pleasure being with Cheldin on her This is it TV show this morning! Cheldin is so much fun and she’s an excellent interviewer. She knew exactly what to ask to generate a great conversation between us, to help her community of viewers get a great understanding of what Peach is and what we are all about!  Cheldin puts her guests at ease from the moment they walk in to her studio. She has a huge warm, smile & chats for a few moments to make sure they are comfortable and ready to “Go Live”. Cheldin’s teammates – Taqwan and Samantha are super sweet & inviting as well! It was a great experience & I can’t wait to be on her show again!  Thank you Cheldin & Team for a great experience!


Kerry Puia – Co-Chair of the Philadelphia Women’s Networking Connection

Cheldin Barlatt Rumer doesn’t disappoint! Cheldin’s message of “Screaming Your Dream” was captivating and motivational!  She knew her audience and delivered to us what it takes to succeed in living the life you want, without letting life defeat you through her personal and professional experiences.  I can say, without reservation, that if Cheldin Barlatt Rumer is there, I am right with her!


Nancy Shadlow – Independent Sales and Product Development

A better question than, “What do I love about Cheldin?” is probably, “What’s not to love?”  Cheldin is the best friend, the sister, the mentor, we all want. She really is a “you’re the cream in my coffee” kind of person.  It’s like trying to describe a magnet–it just attracts! Cheldin has inspired me just by her consistent energetic positive outlook. I love watching someone who is always looking up!  Even when she’s self-deprecating she’s positive: “Don’t beat yourself up for that 2nd doughnut. My weakness is french fries. Hey, 100% perfectionism is fantasy anyway, pick yourself up and do your best and next time.”  I’ve learned and listened to people I never would have otherwise if it weren’t for her show.


Jennifer & David Sterling – Regina Builders

We had a great experience working with Cheldin to discuss better ways to market our new business! She’s not only knowledgeable about how best to market your business/brand, but she is enthusiastic, realistic, truthful and creative about the whole process. She puts every effort into really getting to know your business and the clientele you are looking to cater to. Cheldin offers edgy and innovative ideas on how to better reach the clients you are looking to do business with. She loves what she does and it clearly shows in the level of dedication and passion she brings to the table.  


Felicia Shanken – Co-Chair of the Philadelphia Women’s Networking Connection

Cheldin Barlatt Rumer is a fantastic energy to have for any event. The women of the Philadelphia Women’s Networking Connection Group, truly enjoyed her as our featured speaker on July 25, 2018. Not only did we have a good turnout that evening in spite of the weather, we had attendees show up that said, they would have come regardless and was glad that they did. We were so excited that our event sold out for Cheldin’s presentation. She brings with her all the dynamics, energy and professionalism plus more then we could have imagined. You can see and hear in her presentation that she is very passionate about what she does and she truly loves connecting and helping Entrepreneurs. It was such a pleasure sharing this new relationship with Cheldin, we look forward to sharing even more ventures with her and we look forward to having her back in front of our group again.