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CEO of i-g creative

Cheldin Barlatt Rumer

As CEO of i-g creative, Cheldin Barlatt Rumer has spent close to two decades creating, managing and executing strategic grassroots marketing campaigns for clients within an array of various lifestyle industries. As a seasoned marketing executive, Rumer is committed to communicating on behalf of her clients while motivating them to share their own enthusiasm for the products and services they represent and/or own.

Rumer continues her commitment to communication and marketing education by telling and sharing entrepreneurial stories through her daily digital series This is it TV. Through this online program small business owners have the opportunity find their marketing voice while promoting their products and services.

Most recently, Rumer has developed an effective yet cost-effective online marketing course and program called SCREAM YOUR DREAM. This digital, hands-on, educational tool has been designed specifically to support the needs of small business owners, entrepreneurs and independent sales professionals who are looking to take their marketing efforts to the next level while achieving their realistic and measurable on-going business goals. This program is a direct complement to Rumer’s book – Scream Your Dream – Finding Your Marketing Voice (due out 2019).

As a working mom of two wonderful children, Rumer wants to inspire female entrepreneurs to no longer whisper their wishes but scream their dream. Rumer’s upcoming book, Scream Your Dream is expected to release summer of 2018. Scream Your Dream allows Rumer’s audience to take her message home and turn their dreams into reality.

In addition to her roles within i-g creative and This is it TV, Rumer is also an Adjunct Professor at Temple University in Philadelphia where she instructs undergraduate students in the art of Interactive Media and Advertising.

Rumer loves all things entertainment and media. She has contributed to a number of promotional and online publishing platforms. She is currently the “Entertainment Reporter for SNJToday.com as well as an “Editorial Contributor” for MainStCEO.com.

Rumer has recently been appointed to the Board of Directors for The Griffin Gives Foundation. The Griffin Gives Foundation is a philanthropic, not for profit 501(c)(3) foundation dedicated to supporting our military, those affected by debilitating disease and the health and wellness of children.

Photo by Phil Kramer 

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