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History is created by those who tell the story.


THIS IS IT NETWORK™ is a global, female, and minority-owned digital streaming platform. Each day we share inspiring stories with our global audience of remarkable women. We are committed to supporting our SCREAM YOUR DREAM™ mission through the production of diverse digital content, interactive course, and in-person events

We reach over 20,000+ women per month and offer them 23 digital talk shows with over 500 FREE episodes and more than 40 exclusive courses on our subscription-based educational portal. 

Women drive over 80% of all consumer purchasing decisions. We authentically and strategically reach these female consumers through our grassroots initiatives and campaigns. Through the art of storytelling, THIS IS IT NETWORK™ provides brand partners with engaging advertising opportunities that include content creation, campaign distribution, influencer marketing, and event sponsorships. 

We help remarkable women reach their goals through our SCREAM YOUR DREAM™ Membership and FIND YOUR VOICE program. Our SCREAM YOUR DREAM™ Membership offers a motivating environment for remarkable women to acquire new skills, build confidence and develop connections to grow personally and professionally. 

Our FIND YOUR VOICE Program helps remarkable students gain direction while connecting them to fruitful opportunities and industry professionals through career development training, networking, and educational events. 

Our SCREAM YOUR DREAM™ Membership and FIND YOUR VOICE Program provides interactive courses, educational events, and opportunities to work directly with our international team of expert SCREAMERS and brand partners.


We at THIS IS IT NETWORK™ provide both FREE and subscription-based video content through our global streaming platform. We currently have over 450 FREE episodes produced by Cheldin Barlatt Rumer and her team of 42 SCREAMERS from around the world.

Through in-person and online courses, we offer entrepreneurs and students an opportunity to level up and increase their knowledge within the digital landscape. THIS IS IT NETWORK™ currently offers 40 digital courses within our online membership portal while providing access to seasoned experts and professionals.

The palpable impact of THIS IS IT NETWORK™, is measured by the tangible commerce created through fruitful collaborations and profitable digital conversations. We connect our audience to brand partners through CONTENT CREATION, CAMPAIGN DISTRIBUTION, INFLUENCER MARKETING, and EVENT SPONSORSHIPS.

We offer high-profile regional and national signature events that provide attendees with an opportunity to connect while offering brands measurable exposure. Each event brings together seasoned professionals, influential personalities, and brand decision-makers to elevate voices of remarkable women.


Lifestyle News

{By: Emma Bromley} A diastasis is a thinning of the fascia in the front of your abdomen. When you peel an orange, think of fascia as being like the white layer between the juicy orange and the thick skin. Fascia

{By: Seema Desai} I remember when my son was 6 months old.  Those six months were some of the hardest months I had ever lived.  We had downsized from our modest starter home and were living in this shoebox apartment

{By: Dr. Jennifer Hintzsche} The concept of artificial insemination is familiar to most people, but you might be surprised to know the first attempts of the procedure as we know it today date back to 1899. Thankfully, technology and the

{By: Christine DeFilippis} We’ve all been there - you just don’t feel like going for that run or taking that barre class. You know you should, you understand the benefits, but you're just not feeling it. A heavy workload or

{By: Lauren Trunfio} If you live on the East Coast, you know how important it is to bundle up when the weather gets rough. It can be exhausting to throw on layer after layer and still end up shivering in