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History is created by those who tell the story.


THIS IS IT NETWORK™ is a global, female, and minority-owned digital streaming platform. Each day we share inspiring stories with our global audience of remarkable women. We are committed to supporting our SCREAM YOUR DREAM™ mission by producing diverse digital content, interactive course, and in-person events

We reach over 85,000+ women monthly and offer them 23 digital talk shows with over 500 FREE episodes and more than 40 exclusive courses on our subscription-based educational portal. 

Women drive over 80% of all consumer purchasing decisions. Our grassroots initiatives and campaigns authentically and strategically reach these female consumers. Through the art of storytelling, THIS IS IT NETWORK™ provides brand partners with engaging advertising opportunities that include content creation, campaign distribution, influencer marketing, and event sponsorships. 

We help remarkable women reach their goals through our SCREAM YOUR DREAM™ Membership and FIND YOUR VOICE program.  Each provides interactive courses, educational events, and opportunities to work directly with our international team of expert SCREAMERS and global brand partners.


We at THIS IS IT NETWORK™ provide FREE and subscription-based video content through our global, woman-owned streaming platform. We currently offer over 1,000 captivating FREE episodes and weekly lifestyle blogs.

WORK WITH US. Digital conversations lead to tangible transactions. We offer engaging content creation, campaign distribution, influencer marketing, and event sponsorships.

Our community and national events allow our guests to connect while introducing them to our brand partners. These events host seasoned professionals, influential personalities, and brand decision-makers.

Through educational workshops and courses, we offer entrepreneurs and students an opportunity to level up personally and professionally. We offer 40+ digital courses in our digital membership portal.

Our SCREAMERS and SCREAM YOUR DREAM™ Members are global leaders, entrepreneurs, and executives. We offer these remarkable women daily digital content, a positive community and real connections.


Lifestyle News

The future of Girl Scouts is here, and it's about to take the East Coast by storm! Join us on September 13th for the East Coast's first Girl Scout DreamLab grand opening. This groundbreaking initiative, brought to you by

{ By Mallika Malhotra from www.mallikamalhotra.co } As summer fades and Fall settles in, it's the perfect time for a brand refresh. Like students preparing for a new semester, businesses can tap into this energy to breathe new life into their brands.

In the dynamic business world, women have repeatedly proven that they possess unparalleled determination, resilience, and innovation. Yet, a crucial aspect often overlooked is the power of saying "no." In a society that praises the art of saying "yes" and

{ For more Lifestyle Blogs, log on to https://thisisittv.com/ourblog } Image and reference article from https://apnews.com. In today's fast-paced world, pursuing success often demands relentless dedication and determination. While this drive is admirable, it's equally important for successful women to recognize the

{ For more Lifestyle Blogs, log on to https://thisisittv.com/ourblog } As women, we lead busy lives, juggling various responsibilities and roles. To tackle these daily challenges with confidence and vitality, it is crucial to fuel our bodies with the right foods that provide