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History is created by those who tell the story.


THIS IS IT NETWORK shares inspiring stories of REMARKABLE WOMEN. These women are diverse, multifaceted leaders, professionals, and entrepreneurs. Each day, through our digital talk shows, interactive campaigns, industry events, and membership community; we provide an inclusive representation of the real-life experiences and achievements of our global audience.

THIS IS IT NETWORK is a global, female, minority-owned, digital streaming platform. Each day we share inspiring stories with our diverse audience of remarkable women from around the world. #screamyourdream

Our SCREAM YOUR DREAM practice provides remarkable women with grassroots marketing education, realistic digital tactics, and useful business skills to aid them both personally and professionally.

Our SCREAM YOUR DREAM Membership Community inspires our members to find their unique voices and use them to no longer whisper their wishes but – with confidence – tell their stories and promote their brands.

Women drive 70-80% of all consumer purchasing decisions. Through our grassroots approach and online storytelling, we offer digital campaigns that reach a diverse audience of remarkable women.


Lifestyle News

{ By Dr. Janice Asher } Let Your Kids Play with Their Food. It’s time to reject the vegetables-as-punishment mindset that so many kids (and adults, for that matter) hold onto. Eating is meant to be pleasurable, as well as healthy

Now that the world is slowly opening up, many of us are venturing out and beginning to travel. Though we are excited to explore, there is always the dreaded concern of packing and schlepping our luggage from one location to

{ By Miranda Martin } Most of us love pumpkin spice season, right? Well, here’s a shocker for you-- some people (my own husband included!) don’t like pumpkin spice-flavored things. Or pumpkin anything, really. As confusing as it may seem to

We are looking forward to this fun and fresh film filled with talented newcomers. Samantha Rose debuts tomorrow, Tuesday, September 7th to rent and own on North American digital HD internet, cable, and satellite platforms through Freestyle Digital Media. Director Andrew

Protein has so many benefits including the building blocks needed to repair muscles, bones, cartilage, and skin. Incorporating foods rich in protein is a sure-fire way to maintain and achieve a healthy lifestyle. When most people think protein in the