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Welcome to THIS IS IT NETWORK™, a global digital-stream powerhouse proudly owned by the visionary Cheldin Barlatt Rumer. As a female and minority-owned platform, we are dedicated to sharing empowering stories daily with our worldwide audience of remarkable women.

Our educational entertainment platforms reach over 85k women monthly and offer them 23 digital talk shows with over 1,000 FREE episodes and more than 40 exclusive courses on our subscription-based educational portal. 

Committed to our SCREAM YOUR DREAM™ mission, we serve our international community through a multifaceted approach, providing diverse digital content, fostering professional connections, offering comprehensive courses, and curating engaging events.


History is created by those who tell the story.


THIS IS IT NETWORK™ is a global, female, and minority-owned digital streaming platform. Each day we share inspiring stories with our global audience of remarkable women through educational entertainment. We are committed to supporting our SCREAM YOUR DREAM™ mission by producing diverse digital content, interactive courses, and in-person events

We reach over 85,000+ women monthly and offer them 23 digital talk shows with over 500 FREE episodes and more than 40 exclusive courses on our subscription-based educational portal. 

Women drive over 80% of all consumer purchasing decisions. Our grassroots initiatives and campaigns authentically and strategically reach these female consumers. Through the art of storytelling, THIS IS IT NETWORK™ provides brand partners with engaging advertising opportunities that include content creation, campaign distribution, influencer marketing, and event sponsorships. 

We help remarkable women reach their goals through our SCREAM YOUR DREAM™ Membership and FIND YOUR VOICE program.  Each provides interactive courses, educational events, and opportunities to work directly with our international team of expert SCREAMERS and global brand partners.


We at THIS IS IT NETWORK™ provide FREE and subscription-based video and editorial content through our global, woman-owned streaming platform. We offer over 1,000 captivating FREE episodes,  22 digital talk shows, weekly lifestyle blogs, and endless motivational social media content.

Through a multifaceted SCREAM YOUR DREAM™ approach that includes professional development workshops, engaging keynote speeches, leadership lectures, entrepreneurial training, after-school programs, and student summer camps, THIS IS IT NETWORK™ is committed to education and empowerment.

Our SCREAM, YOUR DREAM™ Membership at THIS, IS IT NETWORK™is an exclusive community tailored for ambitious women leaders, executives, and students ready to take their personal and professional journeys to new heights by indulging in ongoing educational entertainment. 

Whether through virtual community meetups, regional pop-up parties, interactive SCREAM Lounges, or high-profile national events and conferences, our THIS IS IT NETWORK™ events department ensures that every gathering is a memorable and enriching experience for our global community of remarkable women.



Craft Your Message. Tell Your Story.

Cheldin Barlatt Rumer’s book, SCREAM YOUR DREAM™ – 66 Lessons to Build Your Personal Brand, offers practical insights and actionable strategies to help individuals craft a compelling personal brand. Through these 66 lessons, readers will learn how to effectively communicate their unique story, enhance their professional presence, and drive their personal and business success.


Crafting Campaigns for Maximum Results

Brands and corporations have a unique opportunity to collaborate with THIS IS IT NETWORK™ on content creation, networking advertising, influencer marketing, event sponsorships, and program partnerships. Work with us to reach a global community of remarkable women, generate measurable campaigns, and drive impactful results within a diverse and influential audience.