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This is it with Cheldin

This is it with Cheldin is a daily, digital talk show which streams Monday through Friday from our interactive studio in Philadelphia, PA. Each day Cheldin Barlatt Rumer engages viewers by introducing them to intriguing people, captivating places and emerging brands.

This interactive online program connects our growing community to influential trendsetters, promotes new and exciting businesses and shares engaging and inspiring stories. Through the art of “storytelling” we deliver entertaining yet motivating messages while celebrating the entrepreneurial spirit as we encourage you to #ScreamYourDream!

Recorded Monday through Friday

Length of Guest Interview: 8 Minutes

Audience Demographics: 70% Female and 30% Male

Audience Ages: 35 – 55

Program Mission: SCREAM YOUR DREAM

Average Viewer Income: $75,000

Average Impressions: 20,000 impressions per post


Website: https://thisisittv.com
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/thisisittv
Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/ScreamYourDream
Instagram: @thisisittv

Twitter: @thisisittv

YouTube Channel:  goo.gl/oIafYz



The Entrepreneurial Spirit

Fashion + Beauty

Health + Wellness

Food + Drinks

Lifestyle + Home

Pop Culture + Entertainment



Community Reach: 38,000+

Video Views: 20,000+

Facebook Platform Engagements: 10,000+

“NEW” Facebook Page Likes: 200+

This Is It with Cheldin is produced by i-g creative. i-g creative was established by Cheldin Barlatt Rumer in 2009. Originally I-g creative was a traditional digital agency created tostado support the grassroots marketing needs of small and medium sized businesses.

After years of trials and tribulations, Rumer decided to pivot the agency in a full service production company which specializes in creating interactive digital content for small business owners and entrepreneurs.

I-g creative has now produced countless videos, shows and event recaps in hopes of aiding companies and organizations in telling their stories while promoting their products and services. #ScreamYourDream

Our Studio

Join us within our interactive studio in Center City – Philadelphia.

ViaClean Studios

230 S. Broad Street

Philadelphia, Pa 19102

We ask that all studio guests arrive at 9:30am at our studio. You should be complete with your interview by 10:30am.

There is both street parking as well as various parking lot in walking distance from the studio. 

Please feel free to call or text if you have any questions or concerns – 267.225.8088. The interview will be more of a friendly conversation.

We will discuss your business, what makes your approach, service or product unique and of course how folks can get in touch with you. This experience is meant to be super fun and engaging – like two girlfriends catching up!

Partner with Us!



  • Cheldin Barlatt Rumer to Interview You at Your Business
  • Video to Air on This is it TV Social Media Platforms
  • Social Media Marketing on This is it TV Platforms
  • Downloadable Video


  • 1 Interview In-Studio or On-Location – 7 Minutes
  • FACEBOOK LIVE with Product Sales – 7 Minutes
  • Social Media Marketing on This is it TV Platforms
  • Downloadable Video

“DAILY MENTIONS” – $2,500.00

  • Inclusion in 10 Segments
  • 2 Host Mentions per segment
  • 2 Logo Inclusions in Lower Third
  • 1 Branded Segment at End of Segment with Contact Information
  • Social Media Marketing on This is it TV Platforms



“EVENT RECAPS”– $750.00

  • 3 Minute Video
  • 2 hours on location
  • Includes 2 interviews
  • 2 Branded Slides
  • Social Media Marketing on This is it TV Platforms
  • Downloadable Video


  • 1 Video
  • Up to 7 Minutes
  • On Location
  • 2 Client Participates / Interviews
  • Downloadable Video

VIDEO PACKAGE” – $3,200.00

  • 4 Videos
  • 7 Minutes to 15 Minutes
  • Set Design and Production Services
  • On Location or In Studio
  • Downloadable Videos

PODCAST PRODUCTION – Starting at $250.00 per session

  • Adding Voice Overlays and Voice Overs
  • Enhancing Overall Sound Quality
  • Adding Sound Effects
  • Deletion and Addition of Content
  • Uploading of Content to Distribution Outlets