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Here at the THIS IS IT NETWORK, we understand the importance of PERSONAL BRANDING. Our CEO and Executive Producer, Cheldin Barlatt Rumer is dedicated to educating our community in the art of PERSONAL BRAND MESSAGING. By providing grassroots marketing education, measurable lessons, realistic tactics and useful skills, Rumer help participants in finding their unique marketing voice. 

Through her One-On-One Sessions, Full Personal Brand Training as well as her  Online Courses, Rumer offers detailed branding techniques that helps entrepreneurs grow their businesses, generate more revenue and increase their audience reach both online and offline. 

Please take a look below and learn more about our full personal branding program. It is time for you to no longer whisper your wishes – it’s time for you to SCREAM YOUR DREAM.


One-on-One Marketing Session

$750.00 (1 One-on-One Session)

Cheldin Barlatt Rumer will meet with you for a TWO HOUR, one-on-one session. Our SCREAM YOUR DREAM Marketing Session is designed to give you a CRASH COURSE in grassroots marketing specific to your brand and/or business.

  • Identify Your Sellable Experience
  • Establish Your Sales Language
  • Determine Your Audience
  • Develop Your Content Strategy
  • Schedule Your Communication Calendar

This SCREAM YOUR DREAM Marketing Session will give you clarity on your specific short-term goals while providing you with measurable sales tools needed to execute a realistic promotional plan. #SCREAM YOUR DREAM.


Personal Branding Training

$2,500.00 (4 One-on-One Sessions)

Cheldin Barlatt Rumer and her team will aid you in strengthening your personal brand.  Rumer will meet with you personally (either in-person or virtually) during your (4) TWO HOUR, one-on-one sessions. These sessions have been designed to educate you specifically on your personal brand while developing a manageable marketing campaign that will support your brand growth and unique message both online and offline.

  • What is Your Personal Brand? – Establish Your Key 3*
  • Identify Your Audience – Create Personas
  • Determine Your Brand Message – What is Your Tagline?
  • What are Your Products? Be Specific.
  • What Does Your Brand “Look and Feel” Like? Consistency is Key
  • Audit and Review Your Website and Online Marketing
  • Develop Your Social Media and Content Strategy (The Focus 6)*
  • Set Your Brand Goals. Be Realistic.
  • Schedule Your Communication Calendar




(current and previous SCREAM YOUR DREAM clients)

Our SCREAM IT Marketing Membership Community was created to aid members in gaining grassroots marketing education, measurable lessons, realistic tactics and useful skills that will aid them in growing their business and/or brand both online and offline. 

What to Expect from SCREAM IT:

We aim to create a value-driven experience by offering clear and measurable benefits in exchange for your membership.

You Will Receive:

  • Weekly Personal Branding Training 
  • Weekly Video Lessons from Cheldin Barlatt Rumer 
  • Weekly FB Live #ChelChats with Cheldin Barlatt Rumer (LIVE Q&As) 
  • Daily Measurable Marketing Tips
  • Access to Promotional Resources and Tools 
  • Admittance to Private #SCREAMIT Facebook Group