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Our THIS IS IT NETWORK™ campaigns play a vital role in supporting our remarkable women audience by empowering them through initiatives like FIND YOUR VOICE for female collegiate students, promoting diversity and inclusion with HELLO EVERYONE, advocating for social justice with SAFE HAVEN, and driving our core mission with SCREAM YOUR DREAM™.

These campaigns elevate women’s voices, foster inclusive communities, and provide safe spaces for advocacy and growth, ensuring that every woman can achieve her fullest potential.

  • WATCH NOW (digital streaming + downloads)
  • WORK WITH US (content creation, advertising + sponsorships)
  • SCREAM YOUR DREAM™ (professional development)
  • 1 MILLION VOICES (measuring community impact)
  • READ MORE (lifestyle blog)
  • BOOK CHELDIN BARLATT RUMER (keynotes + presentations)
  • BECOME A MEMBER (community education)
  • FIND YOUR VOICE (collegiate career development)
  • SCREAM LOUNGES (event publicity junkets)
  • MORNING MESSAGE (watch daily inspiration)
  • CHEL CHATS (participate and watch community conversations)
  • REMARKABLE WOMEN (showcasing ambitious women)
  • HELLO EVERYONE (celebrating diversity and inclusion)
  • SAFE HAVEN (advocating social justice)
  • IT LISTS (small businesses + event editorial)
  • PICK 8 (innovative product promotions)
  • SHOP NOW (marketplace, books, apparel + gifts)
  • FOLLOW US (social media platforms)
  • LET’S CONNECT (email marketing)