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A New Cure for the Absentminded

{By: Lauren Trunfio} Are you someone that always seems to misplace your valuables whenever you go out? It’s frustrating leaving the house knowing there’s a chance that something you hold so near and dear to your heart can be gone forever the second you step out the door, but that doesn’t mean that it can’t be found! You could spend your time calling restaurants and backtracking your steps, but wouldn’t it be nice to instead receive a friendly phone call when someone has found your possession? That’s what Call Spots is for! 

We all know that Apple Airtags have a similar concept, but with their price point for just one airtag starting at $29, it’s a no-brainer to instead invest in Call Spots so that you can keep track of more belongings instead of carefully picking and choosing which valuable to keep track of! All your belongings are special and deserve to be found, and that’s what Call Spots is here to ensure. Once securing your Call Spot, we recommend placing them strategically on items that you know you are constantly traveling with. Laptops, wallets, water bottles, airpods, even purses are great valuables to place Call Spots onto in order to ensure that no matter where you go, you will always be reunited with your most valuable (and expensive) posessions. 

Call Spots was started by two anxious Parents who wanted an easy way for other people to contact them in case of an emergency or issue related to their child, spouse, or grandparent. For  lost and found from everything from our three playful children to those expensive tech toys and other valuable items.