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Wake Up To Freedom: 3 Secrets on How To Get Paid To Be You

{ By Chesline Pierre-Paul } 

In times past, you may have been told: “You can’t have it all.”

Let me stop you right there. That is one utter, searingly polarizing, reductive, and non-factual untruth that unfortunately gets peddled and normalized as if it were instilled with veracity.

You can have it all; insofar as you sequence how you get from 0 to a 100 on your dream by integrating a piecemeal flow of high-to-low priority actions and strategies to steer you towards the dream by learning the art of “simplify to amplify” (by Marie Forleo).

My coach Marie talks all the time about how “everything is figureoutable”, and her teachings, compounded with my decade+ experience as award-winning executive coach and consultant for global brands, have led me to articulate a proven limitless signature framework that empowers QTBIPOC creatives to become CEOs of purpose-driven lives and careers to make big money to make a big difference.

Let me share how this doozy of a 3-step blueprint will help you uncover and force into implementation the 3 secrets you need to get paid to be you. 

Check this out:

Secret #1

Simplify to amplify” (Marie Forleo)

Ask and answer the following prompts:

  1. What makes you powerful?
  2. What is the 1 core defining act of service you are called to do for others that transforms you into a voice of impact for the next generation?
  3. What systemic iniquity makes your soul aflutter with light and might and athunder with righteous ‘freedom fighter’ type of ire?

Lead from the heart. Don’t censor yourself. Lean into the unruliness of your stream of consciousness ebb and flow.

Now, whatever your answers may be:

  1. Use what my coaches Jen and Chris call a version of the “simple sentence structure” to break down the value of your gifts into a crisp impactful demand-driven value proposition (ex. “I help WOC successfully launch and create multi-million dollar purpose-driven businesses without VC funding” or “I help QTBIPOC millennials create 6-figure digital lifestyle brands off of social media without any prior experience in 12 months flat”)
  2. Open up a tab of one of your greatest possibility models of all times. Observe their messaging and brand voice. How do they language their own Unique Selling Point (USP) into power? Notice how they enforce clarity and power to magnetize the business value.

What point #2 teaches you is how to optimize your USP by leveraging other brands’ strategic positioning. Without ever copying, you simply amplify the power of your own voice by leveraging battle-tested high-value strategies to better magnetize your own business value.

Whether or not you are striving to make it on your own as a personal brand, femmepreneur, professional creative, one-person army, or digital-first company, learning how to language your value into clear, crisp, defining, granular, value-driven, high-converting messaging will serve you at the highest level when connecting with buyers and your target community of practice.  

Secret #2

“Be demand-driven to shift buyer’s criteria in your favor”

What does that mean? Well, being clear on your value is half the battle, but what truly imbues you with competitive positioning within any ecosystem, is how clearly demand-driven your USP is.

If you offer a “vitamin rather than a painkiller” (as my coach Drasko always says), there is not enough musterable urgency embedded within your offer to entice any given demographics to invest in you and your offering.

Whence, what matters is to frame the value of what you proffer by leading with a demand-driven focus to your business value so that your demographics connect with you through the lens of their pain point.

What’s more, doing so automatically brands you as the in-market expert on hand, because (as my coach Liz J Simpson always says) your “capacity to clearly articulate your buyer’s pain point, enforces trust around your registered capacity to deliver the solution to a problem you so clearly understand”.

Thus, you want your copy, brand voice, messaging, and marketing to drive home the USP of your offering by making them as holistically demand-driven as can be. This ensures you remain ever so relevant and necessary in your market.

For example, whenever you connect with your target audience in a given space, you want to make sure you speak to them directly by offering tailored solutions to their most enduring pain points.

You can craft posts, content, assets, events, creatives, and company marketing collateral off of systemic client- or demographics-centric messaging that centers their most pressing and most debilitating pain points. This keeps you top-of-mind.

Think of the following as inspiration: 

  • Why 70% of businesses fail within the first 3 years (and how not to become one of them)
  • The 5 most common mistakes even smart content creators make (all the time)
  • 3 things you’re probably doing wrong right now as you’re applying for jobs (and how to fix it)

The idea is simple: stay focused on demand-driven buyer’s criteria, offering, content, and messaging to become a high-value creator in the eye of your select community of practice. The more consistently you do so, the more top-of-mind you’ll be to them as go-to expert.

Secret #3

“Leverage repeat strategic visibility”

As you may know, it takes 7-14 touchpoints to establish a digital footprint and rapport, be it B2B or B2C, where now you have articulated trust and credibility through repeat strategic visibility as go-to expert. At this point, your target market and/or audience is warmed up enough to choose to make an informed executive buying decision regarding you and your USP.

So where, based on your market-driven research into your target market can you find the best buyers for what you offer?

Narrow down your niche by pulling from market-driven data to understand where deploying 20% of your efforts will produce the biggest impact.

Then, once you’ve identified the key places to hit to facilitate your multi-touch market entry strategy, it all boils down to who you need to develop strategic partnerships with to not only gain entry into your core demographics but to stay top-of-mind within your market as a “highly-visible expert”?

Think of: 

  • trade events
  • outlets and publications that cater to your target market/audience
  • non-competing brands located within the same market that service your core demographics (those are potential brand partners)
  • local/national events that attract your ideal buyer
  • high-potential clients (who are ‘willing and able’ to pay preferably a premium for what you have to offer)

Remember, front-load high value for your target demographics and high-potential (brand) partners by molding your messaging and outreach in a demand-driven way that centers “their perception of their problem”. Lead with value and then once a rapport is being established, follow with some incremental offers that amplify value through your product/service.
As you do so, with applied focus and unswervingness, who you are, will be so finely attuned with what your tribe needs, that what you do will empower you to get paid to be you.

Chesline Pierre-Paul

INSTAGRAM: @cheslinepp 

FACEBOOK: @chespp  

LINKEDIN: Chesline Pierre-Paul  

TWITTER: @cheslinePP