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Happy March My Friends!

{ By Karem Zafra-Vera }

Already a new month approaching and the year is already feeling like it’s picking up speed. I can’t help feel the uneasiness all around me. I attended a virtual event and had the opportunity to surround myself with some amazing women. As the host was asking these women to voice boldly the type of support they are seeking in their businesses. I heard comments like “I’m doing and doing but not seeing the results” “Am I planting my seeds in the wrong soil?” “I’m tired!” “What else can I do?” I felt the insecurity in their voices. 

As a society people look at others to duplicate their strategies. They feel that in order to have expansion or launch their business they have to go through the same logical process of marketing, strategic templates, cold calling, matching prices and so much more. I believe that you don’t have to recreate the wheel; I also believe the wheel can be modified so that you and the wheel can be aligned. That it feels good. That you are not just following a strategy because that’s the way it was meant to be and that is how the majority go about it.

I feel most people forget that we are all made uniquely and that we hold a beautiful gift within ourselves. Part of growth is recognizing and allowing for those gifts to blossom. That means you need to give yourself a chance to not only express yourself but acknowledge how you would like to show up in this world. It’s important to expand your business, I agree. It is also important to ask yourself, how would that vision look like for you? What’s the picture I have? What feels good and aligned with me?

Meaning what is your intuition trying to express through you? There is always something within you that is always seeking expression. All you need to do is acknowledge it. Questions such as; when I’m serving a client what makes me feel good? What is within me that surfaces when connecting/serving a client that feels so good? What can I do to reach more people with my passion? I want more ease and grace in the process? What’s my next inspired thought for my next step & that will help me have a sense of peace?

I’m not saying it’s easy to do. However, it is a reminder that when we work from inward outward. We will have better results than working outward inward. Just a small reminder that no matter how everyone else may be using the cookie-cutter, it doesn’t mean you have to or should. A reminder, you always get to choose!