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3 Fascinating Ways Energy Work Helps You Heal From Trauma

{ By Chesline Pierre-Paul } 

Your body is a storage unit for all the feelings, thoughts, traumas, and joys you’ve ever had. 

Healing, thus, is not merely a psycho-intellectual effort to peel back layers of trauma off of the mental loop that your brain and your mind dramatize and amplify, it is the holistic practice of understanding where trauma is located within your physical body to better release it.

Feelings and traumas that are suppressed never truly disappear from our registered consciousness, they are solely transferred into pockets of repressed energies, charges, and into parts of the subconscious that go on to live in different parts of our bodies.

Wherever we feel stress, tension, clogged up, contracted, tingly, light-headed, is where feelings and traumas are stored as information our body captures that our brain then expresses as anxiety, fear, depression, chronic pain, and trauma.

What if you could teach your body to unlearn its trauma?

What if you could revert to the state your body was in before trauma physically owned you?

What if you could release much of what is eating at your peace and sanity?

The beauty of energy work is that:

  • pleasure prevails where shame pervaded
  • your body is now awakened and empoweringly conditioned to self-explore its own capacity to automate release
  • it helps you stop living in a trauma-first world and establish pleasure and wholeness as new baselines for feelings and sensations

Identify how your body shuts down on itself when pain and trauma are afoot. 

  • Where does it hurt?
  • What happens to your breath?
  • What bodily sensations take place (and where)?
  • What triggers you into that state?

Then, once you know where your trauma lives on in your body, you can set out to mature pain into pleasure in that very location; that’s the complete 360° turnaround of healing your way into release.

Let’s say that your triggers lead to shortness of breath. When you compare that level of bodily discomfort and pain against how that very same part of your body feels like when most elated, what do you observe?

For one, oftentimes pain and pleasure look like the same on a bodily and cellular level, but they are emotionally and sensorially experienced, embodied, and registered as completely different emotional worlds and realities.

Fear and excitement carry the same physiological characteristics and biochemistry.

It is the associations we draw in our mind that transform a neutral bodily state into either pain or ecstasy. 

What does that tell us about our trauma?

Using mind over matter on the parts of our bodies that have been historically overridden by pain, helps us release years of clogged-up hurt, pain, feelings, tension, and stifled energies by tapping into the mind-body connection to dedramatize, mitigate, and eliminate the operating presence of pain.

So you can start normalizing a practice where you assume stewardship of your days by inducing the energetic states that serve you best through release.

You can start by embodying the states of tranquility, groundedness, and ecstasy by focusing on the main body parts that are typically drained out of release and vitality.

You can focus on your: chest area, the pit of your stomach, and your shoulders for example.

You can use binaural beats to heighten your awareness and cognitive abilities and as a trigger to induce the new physical-emotional state you want to spontaneously embody.

You can use the 4-7-8 breathwork (amongst other techniques) to address any chest-related pain or discomfort.

You can train and apply a renewed focus on specific body parts as you do to direct new waves of energies back to where you want to facilitate release.

The idea is that you want to keep it simple (K-I-S-S: Keep It Simple Sweetie).

Everything I’ve shared can either be done in less than 2 minute as a personal reset to operate when you can sense a trigger come up or when you transition out of different energies (and feel vulnerable) or at the start of your day (or of any given exercise or activity)  to ensure you lead with and stay in groundedness.

What you do is not merely as consequential as how you do it; so long as the focus stays directed towards centering your centers of pain to induce release, you are well on your way to healing.

Breath is energy. Flow is energy. Sensations is energy. 

Starting small yet consistent through 4-7-8 breathwork for one (click here for more on that technique and for free apps you can download to routinize this energy work micro-technique) helps you release to heal.

Keeping it simple ensures no matter how hectic or eventful your days, you can always operate time into your schedule to normalize the habit of release to ground yourself, restore your body, and quiet your mind.

Knowledge is half the battle; all you have to do next, my love, is to live it like you know it.


Chesline Pierre-Paul

INSTAGRAM: @cheslinepp 

FACEBOOK: @chespp  

LINKEDIN: Chesline Pierre-Paul  

TWITTER: @cheslinePP