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Why the Postpartum Protocol?

{By: Emma Bromley} I initially set out to create this 12 week program for myself. Because at 2 years postpartum I still looked 4 months pregnant, i had a very severe 4 finger diastasis (ab separation), I couldn’t pick up my child without feeling like my vagina was going to fall out, penetration was extremely painful, and i was just about ready to give up teaching Pilates.

The Pilates ab exercises just weren’t cutting it like they used to and no one seemed to be able to give me any answers. I even went to several of my most trusted mentors and asked them why it felt like I was being stabbed in the stomach when I tried to do the Pilates ab exercises. And they all pretty much told me “your core is weak. You just need to do more of it”. I now know however that the absolute opposite is true! So in a last ditch effort, I turned to the teachings of some trusted physical therapists and finally found the missing piece of the puzzle – the core functions differently after birth and must be repaired before resuming regular ab exercises!

Finally it all started to fall into place. At last I was able to strengthen my core, close up my diastasis and lift heavy things effortlessly again. I got such incredible results from switching out my core exercises that I knew I needed to share this with everyone who did not yet know that the core absolutely CAN be repaired. No matter how long ago you gave birth (I’ve taught women who were 20+ years postpartum, with absolutely incredible results!)

My doctor had told me that the only way to fix a Diastasis Recti (DR) was with surgery, and google was very inconclusive (as were the other “postpartum” programs out there). But I tested out the things I’d learnt from physical therapists on myself and very quickly started noticing an enormous difference in the way my core both looked and FELT. I then started incorporating these techniques with my private clients too, and wow, the difference was incredible! When covid hit I knew I had to create an online program. Something that would allow me to share these techniques with many many more women than just my private clients. I now have women all over the world taking part in the Postpartum Protocol. From Indonesia to Sweden, Jamaica to Australia, India, UK, France, Germany, Netherlands, and of course all over the US.

I’m now passionate about helping other women achieve the same healing, the same change, the same freedom that I have done from this remarkable way to strengthen your core and pelvic floor!


Emma Bromley is a Pilates Instructor, Pelvic Floor Specialist and best-selling author of The Pelvic Floor. After struggling with a severe diastasis (abdominal separation) following the birth of her child, Emma refused to believe that surgery was the only option to heal. Having now fully healed through the power of intentional movement and the breath, she’s now passionate about sharing her knowledge with others so that you too can experience the freedom that comes with having a healthy pelvic floor (less leaking, less back pain, more functional workouts, more enjoyable sex etc).

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