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Finding Balance: Best Ways to Fit Exercise and Wellness into Your Life

As a woman leader, executive, or entrepreneur, your schedule is likely packed with meetings, deadlines, and endless to-do lists. Amidst the hustle and bustle, finding time for exercise and wellness can seem daunting. However, prioritizing your health is essential for sustaining energy, reducing stress, and maintaining peak performance. Here are some practical tips to help you fit exercise and wellness into your busy life.

1. Schedule Workouts Like Meetings

Treat your workouts as non-negotiable appointments. Schedule them on your calendar just like you would for a business meeting. By allocating specific times for exercise, you are more likely to stick to your routine and make it a consistent part of your day.

Action Step: Block 30-60 minutes in your calendar for exercise at least thrice a week. This could be in the early morning, during lunch, or after work.

2. Incorporate Short Workouts

If finding a full hour for exercise seems impossible, break it down into shorter sessions. Even 10-15 minute workouts can be highly effective if done consistently. High-intensity interval Training (HIIT) or quick yoga sessions can provide significant benefits in a short amount of time.

Action Step: Try fitting in a 10-minute HIIT workout in the morning or a quick yoga session during a break.

3. Make It a Family Affair

Combine exercise with family time by engaging in physical activities together. Go for a walk, bike ride, or play a sport with your family. This not only helps you stay active but also strengthens family bonds.

Action Step: Plan a family hike or a weekend bike ride. Encourage your family to join you in outdoor activities.

4. Utilize Technology

Leverage fitness apps, online classes, and wearable devices to stay on track with your fitness goals. Many apps offer quick workouts that you can do anywhere, and wearable devices can help you monitor your activity levels throughout the day.

Action Step: Download a fitness app that offers short workouts and use it to guide your exercise routine. Consider using a fitness tracker to monitor your daily activity.

5. Incorporate Movement into Your Day

Find opportunities to move throughout your day, especially if you have a sedentary job. Take the stairs instead of the elevator, walk during phone calls, or do stretching exercises at your desk.

Action Step: Set a timer to remind yourself to stand up and stretch or walk for a few minutes every hour.

6. Prioritize Mindfulness and Stress Management

Wellness includes physical exercise as well as mental health. Incorporate mindfulness practices such as meditation, deep breathing, or journaling into your daily routine to reduce stress and improve mental clarity.

Action Step: Start or end your day with a 5-10 minute meditation session. Use mindfulness apps to guide your practice.

7. Combine Socializing with Exercise

Catch up with friends while being active. Join a fitness class together, go for a walk, or participate in a group sport. This way, you can nurture your relationships while staying fit.

Action Step: Plan a weekly walk or fitness class with a friend or colleague.

8. Make Wellness a Part of Your Workplace Culture

Encourage a culture of wellness within your organization. Promote activities like walking meetings, standing desks, or wellness challenges to help everyone stay active and healthy.

Action Step: Introduce a wellness initiative in your workplace, such as a weekly group exercise session or a monthly wellness challenge.

Fitting exercise and wellness into a busy schedule may require creativity and planning, but the benefits are worth the effort. By prioritizing your health, you can boost your energy levels, reduce stress, and enhance your overall well-being, improving your performance as a leader. Remember, taking care of yourself is not a luxury—it’s a necessity for sustained success.

At THIS IS IT NETWORK™, we support and encourage busy women leaders, executives, and entrepreneurs to prioritize wellness. Embrace these tips to integrate exercise and fitness into your life, and watch how they transform your energy and productivity.