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Stay Grateful for the “Season” You’re In

{ By Emily O’Connell, Editorial Coordinator } 

You know those people that complain it’s too sunny in the spring, then complain it’s too cold in the winter? 

It’s like no matter where you are, what you say or do – they find a way to be grouchy.  Transition, grief, conflict, illness, unanswered prayers, new challenges or just trying to get by are some reasons that could cause this behavior, and maybe you can’t imagine how this “season” of life could be a blessing in disguise.  

We often dismiss the “cold” seasons and the mess associated with it as bad, trying to keep it away from our lives.   Cold weather though holds a certain magic.  It holds peace, tranquility and patience, cradling some mistakes, circumstances and other feelings – as part of growth. 

Whatever season you’re in, there’s only one way to do it well: embrace it.  Embracing it doesn’t mean you have to love it, but it means you should just let it be.  If you need more convincing as to not fight your “season,” but to embrace it, try wearing shorts in the winter.  Look at your children, knowing that their beauty will change tomorrow. Take pictures and record their voices, knowing you can’t capture the feel of their hand in yours or the smell of their silky hair. Hold them in your arms, knowing they will never be again what they are in this moment.

Your season is preparing you for what’s next. Your season will not last forever, but it might have something really good for you that you don’t want to miss by fighting the season you’re in, fighting the changes, or fighting what feels imperfect. Dig in right where you are.