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Selena Gomez is focused on prioritizing her mental health.

{ By Lauren Trunfio }

Selena Gomez is focused on prioritizing her mental health and empowering others to do the same with the launch of Wondermind. What is Wondermind, you may ask? Well, to put it simply, it’s the benefit of therapy without the extra out-of-pocket cost. Alongside Gomez, co-founders and co-CEOs Mandy Teefey (Gomez’s mother) and Daniella Pierson (founder of Newsette) created Wondermind as a multimedia platform designed to democratize and destigmatize mental health. 

Essentially, Wondermind is a mental health ecosystem, with Drop #1 introducing users to a free newsletter that emails subscribers daily mental health resources. In the newsletter, subscribers will be provided with resources such as personal stories and memoirs, medical articles, and answers to mental health questions that will prompt users to reflect upon their journeys. Coming soon, Wondermind will also create a podcast where “no topic is taboo, and everyone is welcome,” as the official website states. Then soon after, there is expected to be a launch where physical products will be sold, such as CBT tools and DBT tools

The startup reached a remarkable $100M valuation after a successful launch in February of 2022, proving how necessary it is for a platform like this to exist. We appreciate how candidly Selena has regarded her mental health journey, and we encourage you to stay tuned to hear about more remarkable women in the industry!