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The Holidays are Just Around the Corner: So When Should You Start Shopping?

{ By Miranda Martin }

It may only be October, but the Holiday Season is just around the corner! Holiday shopping can be difficult if you’re a last-minute shopper or a veteran gift-giver. At THIS IS IT NETWORKTM, we asked members of our SCREAM YOUR DREAM COMMUNITYTM when they begin their holiday shopping (sooner, later, or very last minute), and their answers showed just how varied the holiday shopping season can be for us all!

When do you start your holiday shopping? 

Unsurprisingly, most of our Community members started holiday shopping in November, with 50% responding that they begin their holiday shopping sometime before Thanksgiving. On the other hand, 10% of our respondents proved that they’re well ahead of the game, stating that they start their holiday shopping even before Halloween!

Some take less conventional turns when it comes to gift-giving, with one clever response reading, “My husband and I use our annual rewards from BJS (it’s hundreds) and we buy our ‘free’ Christmas gifts the week after Thanksgiving.” Another 10% said they don’t buy gifts at all, instead gifting experiences to their friends and family instead of physical presents (an idea we love!)

Last but not least, a final 10% of respondents stated that they begin their holiday shopping “After Thanksgiving”, which leaves little room for error– but hey, the Black Friday rush does have a certain excitement to it, right?

No matter when you begin your holiday shopping, we’re wishing a happy, healthy, and calm holiday season to you all! And stay tuned for our special selection of gift ideas for our Holiday It List coming soon!