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Meet Cherlyn Carby of Skylar J’s LushUs Kids!

{By: Lauren Trunfio} Cherlyn Carby is the CEO of Skylar J’s LushUs Kids. What’s remarkable about Cherlyn and her journey, is that she started her haircare line with the simple purpose to find a kid-friendly product that would help her daughter, Ryan, through scalp psoriasis. When Cherlyn saw that there was nothing on the market that would satisfy her daughter’s needs, she took it into her own hands to create the product that would become her daughter’s hair care solution, without the harsh chemicals that attribute to skin psoriasis and eczema. 

Skylar J’s and LushUs Kids products are formulated with gentle, non toxic ingredients that can be safely used on adult or children’s hair. Cherlyn’s process for creating this formulation was conscious and considerate from the beginning, as she would go into her parent’s backyard in the Caribbean and “get the rosemary, the tyme, and some botanicals, dry it out, and then put it in the ointment to sit for four weeks. That’s so all the nutrients would go into the oil. Then after four weeks, I would stream the oil and put it on my daughter.” It’s clear that Cherlyn has excelled in making wash day more fun for kids and parents alike, as it’s her continuous mission to create products that appeal to both demographics. According to Cherlyn, the packaging and product names are designed intentionally to appeal towards children, and she consciously makes sure that every aspect of her products are hitting the mark for what parents and children are looking for. 

Cherlyn’s advice to female entrepreneurs is just simply to execute an idea. “If your idea can fill up a problem, and fill a void? Yes, then all you need is to execute here because a lot of people have the ideas, but when you know what the destination is, you can start to journey. That has to be the driving force to make you climb that mountain to get to the summit.” You can shop Cherlyn’s products here at Skylar J’s LushUs Kids