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Where to go when you have dry eyes

{By: Dr. Sue Miller} Do your eyes burn, itch or sting?  Do they feel tired”  Are they watery, blood shot or fell like something is in your eyes?  Does your vision become blurry at times?  You may have Dry Eyes!

Dry Eyes is a condition caused by an unhealthy state of our tear film.  When we blink, several different glands in our eyelids produce tears that coat our eyes.  These tears are made of three primary components that moisturize and lubricate our eyes.  When our glands are not producing this lubricating combination correctly, we start to feel symptoms of Dry Eyes.

As a result some people may experience occasional dryness and other have long lasting and even painful symptoms.  If left untreated this could result in chronic Dry Eyes and eventually damage your eyesight!

Dry Eyes can develop for many reason including:

Long term contact lens use

Aging and hormonal changes

Environmental factors such as exposure to smoke

Lasik and eye surgery

Prolonged computer use

Medical conditions such as arthritis and inflammatory diseases

Medications such as allergy drugs, blood pressure medication and birth control pills

The treatment of Dry Eyes depends on the cause.  At Bright Eyes vision we will determine the type of Dry Eyes you have and provide you with relief you are looking for.

If you are experiencing Dry Eyes symptoms like the ones listed above stop suffering and call us today at 267-485-1414.  Bright Eyes Vision.