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What is Après-ski?

{By: Lauren Trunfio} You might have heard the term Après-Ski, the French term for “after ski,” on Pinterest, and through influencers on Instagram. We hear the term being loosely thrown around all the time during the winter, but do we really know what it means? Keep reading to find out about this beloved traditional that is revolutionizing the way people think about skiing. 

The term Après-Ski became popular first in the 1950s, but has seen a resurgence within the past few years due to many contributing factors such as the impact of high-end winter fashion and the appealing nature of luxurious relaxation after days braving the harsh winter temperatures. Basically when people use the term Après-Ski, they are talking about activities (typically cozy ones) that one can partake in after a day of hitting the slopes. 

For some, Après-Ski is simply a luxurious term for partying. After hitting the slopes, some skiers like to rewind through having a few cocktails in the ski lounge, and according to Tad Carducci, a lifelong bartender and general bon vivant, “hot beverages like hot toddies, spiked hot cocoa and mulled wine continue to be traditional favorites.” 

It could also be an opportunity to hit up a local spa, curl up to a fireplace and watch a movie, or check out the resort hot tub. If these activities are not up to par with how you’d like to spend your time at a resort, there are also exhilarating activities that you can take part in like snowmobiling and ice skating to keep the fun at an all time high. In complete honesty, there is no right or wrong way to enjoy Après-Ski, it’s really about what makes you and those you surround yourself with happy.