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VivoDoc: The Latest in Positive Patient-Physician Experience

{ By Miranda Martin }

VivoDoc, designed by Texas Physicians (co-founder Dr. Rahman Mohammed), is the latest in business and medical technology designed to aid physicians in focusing on patient care and preventing physician burnout (which is more important today than ever before). So, what is VivoDoc, and how does it work? We explored this user-friendly AI and ML platform and it’s truly revolutionary.

VivoDoc: what is it?

VivoDoc is an all-in-one platform that helps both patients and physicians coordinate care and considers everything from cost, to physician’s calendars, and beyond. VivoDoc brings pricing transparency, scheduling help, and even helps patients find physicians in their network to access the proper care at the proper time.

Dr. Mohammed is quoted saying, “The idea (of VivoDoc) is to provide convenience and save time and money,” and it does exactly that. Easy to use and easy to access, both patients and physicians can either visit VivoDoc.com or download the App for Android and iOS devices and immediately begin exploring physicians in their network in real-time, with up to date pricing information, physician availability, the option to schedule both in-person and virtual appointments, and more.

VivoDoc: how does it work?

For patients, VivoDoc is as simple as entering some information (like your insurance provider name, type of physician you’re looking for, and your ZIP code) and viola! A list of physicians and their locations, appointment availability, and beyond easily appears on-screen for patients to browse and eventually book if they find the right match.

For example, I was recently looking for an Ear Nose & Throat doctor in the Philadelphia area that accepts my insurance, and this tool made it so easy to find a physician, their pricing, their availability, and book them in seconds all from my smartphone. This saved me tons of time (that I’d usually spend researching providers in my network, then hunting down their phone number, waiting to make an appointment, etc.), and ensured I had an appointment on the books in mere moments.

For physicians, this tool allows them to list their practice on the website, and use the tool to coordinate care with patients to provide an easy, all-in-one platform experience that covers everything from pricing to booking and beyond.

VivoDoc is changing the future of healthcare in an important way– creating ease of access for both patients and physicians in a time where healthcare is more important than ever before, and we’re all about it.