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Transforming Entertainment: How THIS IS IT NETWORK™ Answers the Call

In a recent post on People Magazine’s website on April 10th by Sabrina Weiss, renowned actress and cookbook author Valerie Bertinelli expressed her nostalgia for the golden age of Food Network. She reminisced about the days when the channel was filled with educational and entertaining cooking shows, providing inspiration and culinary education for millions of viewers worldwide. However, she lamented that the current landscape of Food Network seems to have shifted away from its roots, focusing more on entertainment rather than education.

Valerie’s sentiments echo the feelings of many viewers who long for more substantive content in entertainment. The craving for educational entertainment is real and palpable, and in this digital age, the demand for such content is higher than ever. But fear not, because amidst this longing for meaningful entertainment, a beacon of hope shines – THIS IS IT NETWORK™.

THIS IS IT NETWORK™, owned and operated by Cheldin Barlatt Rumer, is not just another streaming platform; it aims to change the entertainment landscape. Dedicated to providing compelling and educational content to its global audience, THIS IS IT NETWORK™ stands as the answer to Valerie Bertinelli’s call for more enriching programming.

Unlike traditional entertainment platforms that prioritize sensationalism and mindless content, THIS IS IT NETWORK™ is committed to offering a diverse array of shows and series that are both entertaining and educational. From cooking and culinary arts to entrepreneurship, wellness, and personal development, THIS IS IT NETWORK™ covers a broad spectrum of topics designed to empower and inspire its audience.

With a roster of remarkable women at the forefront of its programming, THIS IS IT NETWORK™ aims to uplift and celebrate the achievements and stories of women from all walks of life. For those like Valerie Bertinelli who yearn for the days of educational programming on Food Network, THIS IS IT NETWORK™ offers a refreshing alternative. 

Imagine tuning in to a cooking show showcasing relatable chefs, where you learn new recipes and gain insights into culinary techniques and cultural nuances. Picture watching a series on entrepreneurship that profiles successful women entrepreneurs, providing valuable lessons and inspiration for aspiring business owners.

In a world inundated with mindless entertainment, THIS IS IT NETWORK™ dares to be different. It’s a platform where entertainment meets education, where inspiration meets empowerment. So, to all those seeking meaningful content in the digital space, look no further than THIS IS IT NETWORK™ – the destination for educational entertainment. Join the movement, and let’s redefine entertainment together.