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Sundance’s ‘The Pod Generation’ is a Satire about Dystopian Pregnancy

{By: Lauren Trunfio} Imagine living in a world where you have the choice to become liberated from carrying a child. You may think that exists already with artificial insemination, but Sophie Barthes new film explores this concept with an all new twist. “The Pod Generation” is a sci-fi-dystopian film about Rachel and Alvy, a New York couple that wants to start their own family. In this film, technology has reached all new levels of intensity, as we are introduced to The Womb Center, which houses portable egg-shaped baby incubators that will essentially allow couples to customize their ideal birthing experience. An odd concept for sure, but what was even more enticing about this film, was its unique approach to feminism. 

In the 21st century, we are constantly exposed to what our media’s version of a “powerful woman” is, and this film certainly shows us that society is warping our perception of what a strong woman can look like, and should look like. Instead of pregnancy being depicted as a blessing, this film shows the alternate side of pregnancy as a distraction to one’s social life. In some regard, it does show women in more powerful roles with a large say in how they go about living their lives, but in another regard it downplays just how meaningful pregnancy is for thousands of women. We highly recommend seeing this thought provoking film so you can make your own judgement call, as this one is certainly getting mixed reviews!