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Remento Revolutionizes How We Connect With Loved Ones

{By: Lauren Trunfio} Moments spent with our loved ones are precious and sacred, which is why it is so crucial that we have an ideal way to retrieve and store those special moments. Charlie Greene and Alex Massonneau, the founders of the app Remento, sought out to do just that. Remento is a storytelling app that “helps families collect and enrich their most precious stories” through best in class technology. With a network of memory scientists, neuroscientists, and professional storytellers, Remento enables people to explore the memories and moments that shaped the lives of those they love the most. 

Charlie Greene was inspired to create Remento after a moment in his life had him wishing for a tool that would allow him to explore memories with his own mother after she was diagnosed with stage four lung cancer. After scrolling through thousands of videos on his phone, Greene was taken aback after he couldn’t successfully find videos of his mother when he needed to access them the most. “I was blown away that I couldn’t find a single video of my mom, that was longer than seven seconds,” stated Greene. “How unfortunate, that despite the digital age, this woman, my mom, has almost no long form video content.” 

Greene wholeheartedly believes that digital photographs are almost too abundant to be sentimental, as we often get lost in just how much content we take in an average day. Therefore, Greene aspires to use Remento as a tool others recapture the nostalgia that we 

receive from a printed photograph or a camcorder home-video. “I live in a world in which an abundance of capacity to take photos has led to something that for a lot of people doesn’t feel quite as precious as was the print era,” says Greene. “The world that we are building is one in which the person that you care about can be interviewed, and then ultimately exist in something that feels like an interactive document and experience of the moments in their lives that have shaped them.” 

The future of Remento is one that we cannot wait to see flourish, as we predict that this app will become an essential go-to in everyone’s iPhone. With apps such as this existing, we can tell that the future of authentic and meaningful storytelling will be bright.