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Meet Sheri Marcantuono, Creator of the #IAMFREE Mindfulness Program

About Sheri Marcantuono

Sheri Marcantuono is the author of Become the You Your Younger Self Needed and #IAMFREE Path to Empowerment, a mindfulness curriculum for high school students. She is also a board-approved Reiki teacher for massage therapists and the owner of Lotus Wood Journey LLC.

Sheri left the corporate world of finance after 17 years to empower high school students with her mindfulness program in 2017. She now shares her passion for teaching breathing and helps students find peace with her techniques. She started her show #IAMFree to share her program and show parents and educators the effectiveness of her curriculum. 


Sheri teaches people how to breathe on #IAMFREE. She recognizes we often take our breath for granted and we tend to only notice our breath when we can’t breathe. #IAMFREEE is based on the principles of free energy flow while controlling your breath. She teaches students how to be successful by introducing them to breath and mindfulness techniques.

According to her research, 70% of high school students experience depression and anxiety. 94% of the 287 students Sheri has taught with her program use her techniques in their daily lives. Her goal is to continue to speak with and inspire more students, educators, and parents to have #IAMFREE incorporated into school health curriculums as a component of mental health education.

Tune into the This is it Network for #IAMFREE with Sheri Marcantuono every Tuesday. To learn more about Sheri visit sherimarcantuono.com.

#IAMFREE Mindfulness Program – Testimonial

Students want to be heard and want to be validated! Sheri Marcantuono Lotus Wood Journey provides both to her studnets through the #IAMFREE Mindfulness Program for high school students. Rachael Hilden from This is it TV sits down with Sheri to get a better understadning of the #IAMFREE porgram and how it benefits students. ***If you NEED Sheri Santora Marcantuono's #IAMFREE Mindfulness Program in your child's high school, contact her TODAY at www.sherimarcantuono.com! #IAMFREE***For more information on the #ThisisitNetwork, please log onto www.thisisittv.com. #ScreamYourDream

Posted by This Is It TV on Wednesday, September 18, 2019