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Written by Beth Nydick – http://www.bethnydick.com

How to make “Things” happen, even when you feel like nothing is working.

Make a mental commitment that what you want is happening.
The most important task of all is to decide that whatever it is you want is already yours, it’s just hasn’t come thru. But it’s DONE. It’s yours. You just need to claim it.

Make a commitment that it has already happened, and it is coming into your view. Make a commitment that you will do what it takes to bring it into realization.

When it comes to making “it” happen, it’s as simple as this:
Step 1 – Believe that there are people who are willing to exchange for something of value.
Step 2 – Believe that you have something of value to offer.
Step 3 – Believe that you can communicate the value of your potential.
And if you doubt, you will not succeed. If you feel that doubt creeping in, you need to prove yourself wrong.

If you don’t believe there are people who are willing to pay for what you’re selling, this is when you do some research. Are there other people selling the same thing or something similar? Prove it to yourself!

If you don’t believe you have something to offer, think about times when you’ve felt you gave value. Prove it to yourself! Flip your beliefs on their head.

It’s easy to claim what you want.What’s not so easy is getting past all of the limiting beliefs that come up:

“I don’t have the money.”
“I’ll never get on TV.”
“I don’t think I can do it.”

This is when you need to flip those beliefs around.”I have all the money I need.””I’ve got this, that TV segment is mine!”

In other words:
Get specific about ALL of the different ways you can make “it” happen. Make a list and post it on your mirror, make it your home screen, wherever you will see it often. Read it over and over and over. It starts and stops with the way you believe! Okay, now go and put it out there! Just START.