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Let’s Meet Amanda Wood

{By: Amanda Cigol} In just a few short weeks, your spring wardrobe makes its debut! Feeling like you can add a few new pieces to the collection? Or, are you wishing you could have a full closet makeover? Look no further, we’ve got your closet covered.

Meet The Haute Edit and Amanda Wood. Amanda is a personal stylist and image consultant with over 15 years of experience. She is your go-to stylist for minimalist luxury looks, power silhouetting, and all around executive polish. Over the years, Amanda has refined her knowledge of international brands, giving her clients an elegant mix of both high street and high end designers. Amanda sources, curates, and delivers outfit recommendations best suited for her clients. Both Amanda and her clients go on a style journey together, heavily focusing on what tastes and styles the client is drawn to while staying within their budget. Amanda makes this experience personal and inspirational, making sure her client resonates with their New Style.

Amanda offers both in-person and virtual & digital services. From curated style boxes to a seasonal wardrobe update, Amanda offers a variety of packages and services for both men and women.

The typical process for Amanda’s services begins with a Style Discovery Zoom meeting. Amanda gets to know her client, answer any questions, and gets some insight about what styling issues the client might have. Then, Amanda creates a Personalized Style Mood Board for the client, using this as a visual representation of the client’s new style. Next, Amanda will hold an in-person or virtual Wardrobe Edit. Amanda and the client will go through the client’s wardrobe and remove any pieces of clothing that are no longer doing justice or work for the client’s lifestyle. Finally, a Personal Shopping Day. Amanda sets up a dressing room full of pieces for her client to try on. She goes through each item, describing why they work for the client’s New Style and how to dress them up and or down. Each look will be styled, photographed, then added to a website for her client to later reference. 

To Amanda, your personal style is having a conversation without saying a word. It can make a great first impression. Amanda has helped so many clients achieve the best version of  themselves, and has transformed their mindset and emotions about personal styles. Her dedication towards helping others achieve a style they love has helped plenty gain confidence and, ultimately, love the way they look! 

If you are looking for a style update this spring season, check out The Haute Edit and Amanda’s work here