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I Got My First FITFABFUN Box: Here Are My Thoughts!

{ By Emily O’Connell, Editorial Coordinator } 

Note: all opinions are strictly my own and I am not paid to endorse the product.  

Let me first start by saying I am a HUGE consumer.  I am always searching for the best deals online and find myself waiting anxiously by my door on days for packages to arrive.  I am a tad obsessed with brands and detailing, so when I heard of a service that sends customers full-sized, name-brand seasonal products, I was open to learning more about it.

FitFabFun, branded, “it’s like your birthday 4x a year!” is a subscription service that delivers full-sized products from beauty, fashion, home, and more to your door.  Customers can choose between an annual or seasonal subscription-based on preference, and I was told that the annual membership offers select “perks.”  I, however, chose the seasonal membership.

What I received:

  1. Sonix Bluetooth® Speaker
  2. Ciate London Watermelon Burst Setting Spray
  3. Replenishing Rapid Recovery Aloe Gel
  4. Barefoot Scientist Pedicure Set
  5. LIQUID I.V. Hydration Multiplier® 
  6. Pineapple Shaped Ice Mold
  7. Poolside New York Makeup Bag
  8. Seraphine Botanicals Fruit Butter Lip Mask

When you first sign-up, you are asked a series of questions related to your interests.  FFF gets really specific into its user behavior – fitness profiling, beauty profiling, etc. I feel like a majority of the products are pre-selected regardless of preferences, but I get a sense this profiling is to determine color schemes and product details.   

In addition to the eight products, I received a FitFabFun product magazine which has a variety of articles that all embody the products that you have received. It contains retail pricing as well, so you can see how much your products actually cost. I was blown away by the Bluetooth® Speaker, so everything else, in my opinion, was just an added bonus.


While FFF pre-selects the items, they also give you the opportunity to customize your boxes too, as you’re sent an email weeks before your box is shipped.  The email details information about customization and the products laid out for you.  For example, FFF will ask if you’d prefer a gold necklace or silver earrings so you’re totally matched with items that you will use. 


It wouldn’t be a subscription service without the opportunity for an add-on, right?  FFF gives its customers the opportunity to purchase additional products at their Add-On Shop. They’re not replacements for any items in your box, either.

Final Thoughts

I’m not an affiliate nor am I endorsed to say anything about the product so I’m not going to say whether you should or should not purchase the product.  I will say that it is super fun to open a surprise box with items that are customized for your taste, and if you don’t happen to use any of the products, they make amazing gifts for friends and family.