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How to Streamline Your Morning Routine

Early mornings before going to work can be stressful when you have a multi-step routine. Try out these tips to minimize your getting ready time so you can sleep in longer and get out the door faster.

Alarm Trial & Error

If you aren’t sure exactly how much time you need to get ready before you leave the house, you can set multiple alarms to make sure you get up and you can always get up earlier or later depending on what you need to do and what transportation you are taking. 

Meal Prep Over the Weekend

If you bring lunch to work, meal prepping the weekend before will save you a lot of time in the morning. If you prep multiple meals ahead of time, you will be prepared for lunch all week and even have extras for dinners at home. 

Shower at Night

Showering in the morning can be a lengthy process. Sometimes you can get carried away under the hot water and when you get out there is an added step of drying your hair. If you really want to cut down your time, shower the night before or just do a quick rinse in the morning and space out when you shampoo your hair. 

Pick Out 2 Outfits 

Getting dressed is one of the most important steps in your routine. If you find yourself wasting time figuring out what to wear, pick out two different outfits (including undergarments, accessories & shoes) the night before so everything is laid out for the morning. When you wake up you can try one on and if you aren’t feeling it, you can switch to the other option or make small adjustments according to the weather or your mood. 

Eat Breakfast On the Go

If you are a breakfast eater, try prepping these meals or choosing easy options that you can easily take on the go, like a coffee or tea and fruit or granola. Another idea is keeping some breakfast snacks at the office to grab and eat at any time throughout the day. 

Pack Your Bag

Whatever bag you take to work, leave it by the door fully packed the night before so you aren’t scrambling in the morning to find your stuff. Easily add in your lunch and double-check your bag before you leave.