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How to Achieve a Goal – It’s Easier Than You Think!

If you’ve ever said you’re going to start a new thing on a Monday, and by Wednesday you were too exhausted to even think about it anymore, you’re not alone.

Goal Setting and Achievement

Let’s use a universal goal as an example: New Year’s Resolutions. Did you know that only 8% of people who set resolutions actually see them through? The Majority (77%, in fact) abandon them within 6 months. So if you set a goal to read more books in January, by June you’ve decided that books are decorations and ditched the idea altogether.

The 8% of unicorns – I mean people – who see their goals through to accomplishment don’t have a magic formula or superpowers. They simply understand a few key things and put them into practice.

Goal Achievement Techniques

Accomplishing your goals isn’t hard, it just requires commitment and consistency, and that’s something that we humans aren’t that talented at unless we are intentional about it.

Get this:

  • People who write their goals down are 42% more likely to achieve them
  • Setting specific, attainable goals increases performance by 90%
  • Reporting progress on your goals to a partner/support group increases performance by 70% 
  • Combining all three of these leads to a 76% probability of goal achievement

Seventy-Six Percent!

The Power of Accountability

These are simple steps – writing your goals down, making sure they’re specific, and then reporting your progress to a person/group who’s supporting your success. So you must be wondering why more people don’t do this.

We get it – change is scary, and you don’t want to announce to the world that you want to do something, only to fall flat on your face in front of an audience.

But what if you didn’t fail? What if by doing these simple steps you actually find success?

Fear will paralyze you – don’t let it. Read the full blog post at BellaValiente.com