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Here’s Why You Didn’t Fail

{By: Susan Veronica} It never fails that entrepreneurs always talk about failing. We talk about the fear of failure, the blessings of failing and how failure is subjective.

My opinion. 

Failure isn’t anything you do. 

Failure is something you think and feel.

You are NOT a failure and you don’t fail forward. It’s called progress, growth, experimenting, curiosity, and fun. 

Fact. You take actions that create results and those results can be very neutral. You can take the same results, give them to 10 different entrepreneurs and they’ll each have their own thoughts and feelings about those results. 

Failure is all about what you think, feel, and how you interpret the experience.

Personally, I don’t accept the word and every time my brain wants to feed me the thought of being a failure, I correct it.

I am not a failure

You are not a failure

I’m a woman of courage and risk

I’m a woman who created the career and life she wanted.

I’m a woman who stayed patient with the journey

I’m a woman who discovered a science-backed and proven approach to success that I call “You A-Game”.

You can do the same.

You can experience the same

You can create a new relationship with the term failing or failure. 

It’s time to go after all the things you want and embrace the entire journey as growth and moving forward, period. 

You’ve got this!