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GOOGLE YOURSELF. Manage Your Personal Brand.

When googling yourself as a female entrepreneur to ensure that your personal brand represents who you are now, it’s essential to be proactive in managing your online presence. Here are some important things to note:

Regularly Google Yourself: Make it a routine to Google your name, including variations and combinations of your name and business, to see what information appears in search results.

Monitor Social Media Profiles: Review your social media profiles, including LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and any other platforms you use. Ensure that the content on these platforms aligns with your current personal brand.

Clean Up Old Profiles: If you have abandoned or no longer use certain social media accounts or websites, consider deleting or deactivating them. This can help eliminate outdated or irrelevant information.

Update Your LinkedIn Profile: LinkedIn is often one of the first results in a Google search. Make sure your LinkedIn profile is up to date with your current professional accomplishments and interests.

Personal Website or Blog: If you have a personal website or blog, ensure the content reflects your current expertise and interests. Update your bio, resume, and any other information that might be outdated.

Check Images and Videos: Review images and videos associated with your name. If there are unflattering or outdated pictures, try to remove or update them.

Google Alerts: Set up Google Alerts for your name and business to receive notifications when new content appears online. This will help you stay informed about what’s being said about you.

Address Negative Content: If there are negative or inaccurate online posts or reviews, consider addressing them professionally. You can contact the source, request corrections, or respond with accurate information.

Encourage Positive Content: Create and share content highlighting your expertise and accomplishments. This can include blog posts, articles, social media updates, and public speaking engagements.

Be Consistent: Ensure that the information across all your online profiles is consistent regarding your personal brand, achievements, and values. Consistency helps build a strong and clear image.

Personal vs. Professional: Distinguish between your personal and professional online presence. Use separate social media accounts for personal and business purposes, and keep personal content private if necessary.

Manage Online Reviews: If you have a business with online reviews, encourage satisfied customers to leave positive reviews to offset any negative ones.

Seek Professional Help: If you have a significant online presence and struggle to manage your personal brand effectively, consider seeking help from online reputation management professionals.

Remember that managing your online presence is an ongoing process. Regularly review and update your online profiles to ensure they accurately reflect who you are now as a female entrepreneur and that your personal brand remains positive and impactful.