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A Lesson in Stillness – Something Every Hustler Struggles With

{ By Laura Lorta }

Recently, I was reminded of the importance of one of my favorite bible verses: “Be still, and know that I am God.” — Psalm 46:10

Now, if you are the type that gets uncomfortable with faith-talk, I know you’re tempted to stop reading right now BUT I encourage you to stick around. Even though I credit my blessings to the man upstairs and maybe that’s just not your vibe, there’s still wisdom to be gained from the story that I’m about to share.

Go-getter, Entrepreneur, Hustler – these are all terms that name the same kind of person – someone who goes after what they want and doesn’t wait for anything to land in their lap. If that resonates with you, then you, my love, are my people. You know what you want, you go after it, and you wait for no one. As a result, you make sh*t happen.

But what do you do when you put in all your best work and you aren’t seeing any results? What then?

Well, it’s confusing AF, for one thing. But what I’ve learned over and over again (and clearly still need to be reminded of because I keep running into this same lesson) is that if we’re working super hard to make things happen and they don’t, it’s because they weren’t meant to.

Let me tell y’all a quick story

After 7 years of teaching, I decided to take a step back and take a break. This wasn’t a decision I made because I no longer have a love for education. Never that. I was just so burnt out and didn’t want to turn into one of those people who hates her job and takes it out on everyone around her.

Truthfully, I knew I was ready for something else around year 4, but life circumstances – and a little bit of fear, to be honest – kept me doing what was comfortable and safe.

At the start of what I knew just had to be my last year, we were still in the thick of the pandemic and I was teaching a class of third graders virtually. That gave me the opportunity to build up what would eventually become my new full-time gig – my writing business. Everything lined up perfectly and I was going to be able to replace my teacher salary doing what I always felt called to do – being creative and working for myself.

Quick question – y’all ever notice that whenever you start something new, you’re immediately hit with a challenge that has you questioning your ability to make good decisions? Yeah? Well, that’s exactly what happened hereRead the full text on the Live Out Loud blog.