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What It Means to Be A Girl Boss

{ By Emily O’Connell, Editorial Coordinator }

I am by no means a female entrepreneur, but I always try to embody their traits of grit.  I always try to put my passion, energy, heart and hustle into my work.  I am a self-starter by nature, and I really like to get things done without the help of others.  Does this mean I’m a “girl boss?”

Girl Boss is an ambiguous term but to me, means working hard and doing what’s right.  Deadlines always need to be met, products always need to launch and quotas must always be upheld, but to me, being a “girl boss” is understanding that you are allowed to take breaks too.  Working around the clock doesn’t always mean you’re more driven or more productive, just like taking a break doesn’t make you lazy or unambitious.  Having good health and prioritizing your well-being is essential to being a “girl boss,” too.

I also think the term embodies traits of vulnerability and collaboration.  It’s about supporting others in collaboration which will increase creativity and efficiency.  Adam Grant, one of my favorite writers and an organizational psychologist at Wharton School of Business, said there is a joie de vivre in collaboration over the same (and sometimes opposing) ideas.  It’s super cliche to say that there is a collective effervescence in working collaboratively.

In being a girl boss, we express vulnerability in taking risks and taking breaks and being unapologetically confident (and if not, still doing it anyways). 

It’s about being humble about your achievements and willing to help where necessary. So go chase your dreams!