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Resting is Productive, Too

{ By Miranda Martin }

The old adage is true– “you can’t pour from an empty cup.” There are days when resting is just as productive as working, and here’s why.

If you overdo it, you can’t get anything done

If you never allow yourself to rest and refresh, you’re eventually going to end up spinning your wheels (which gets you nowhere). Like a car stuck in the mud, our exhausted minds and bodies can try to keep going, but won’t end up getting much done in the long-run. When you’ve overdone it, resting is just as productive as working, because rest becomes the ticket to getting more done later on. 

For example, if you’ve spent all week exercising, you know you need a rest day for your muscles to relax and rebuild back bigger and stronger than before. The same goes for your mind; if you don’t give it time to relax and refresh, you’re going to work yourself to the point of mental exhaustion, which is not conducive to productivity. 

When you know you need to rest your body and mind but don’t quite know how, try these tips:

  • The classic wine-down relaxation technique: Open a bottle of your favorite wine and have a glass (or two, but not much more if you’re trying to keep your energy up for the week ahead!), and kick back in the bathtub, on the couch, or wherever you feel most relaxed. 
  • A spa day (at home or at the salon): I find that a fresh mani-pedi makes me feel like a new woman, whether I do it myself or go out to the nail salon! The same goes for a nice facial or any other kind of self-care– whether you’re at home or in the salon, a simple face mask or mani-pedi refresh can go a long way and leave you feeling pampered and “fresh” for days to come!
  • A relaxing walk in nature: If you’re opting for a more “active rest day”, you can always take a long walk in nature to reset your body and mind. In Japan, the practice of getting out in nature and taking it easy is called “shinrin yoku”, which literally translates to “forest bathing,” and has real-world health benefits in studies.

No matter how you choose to relax, remember this: resting is productive, too, and will help you get more done (and be a better you!) in the long-run.