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Camping that Feels like Glamping (Without the Extra Cost)

{ By Miranda Martin }

It’s summertime, and that means it’s time to venture into the great outdoors and, if you’re anything like me and my family, go camping in some beautiful State and National Parks! That said, making camping more comfortable (without breaking the budget) is something I’ve become very passionate about over the last few years. 

So, how can you make camping feel more like “glampingwithout paying to actually go glamp? Try these tips and tricks to find out:

  • Solar camp lights: Solar lights are a cost-effective game-changer at campsites. I recommend buying some and definitely hanging a string of them from your pop-up or canopy (which are also game-changers!) and you’ll never have to worry about sitting around in the dark again. They charge themselves all day and shine all night; you really can’t go wrong with these, and they look super cute when they light up, too! 
  • Air mattresses or camping cots: Just a bit pricier (but definitely worth it, and still not as pricey as glamping), air mattresses or camping cots can make your tent sleep a lot more comfortable. It will take up a lot of space in your tent, but most camping cots can be rolled up during the day (and are much comfier than sleeping bags on the ground at night– trust me)! 
  • Simple camping-friendly cocktails: When you don’t have a bar handy, a cooler-friendly cocktail that’s become my summer go-to is my camping version of a vodka soda– a La Croix and Vodka in camping cups! You can keep both ingredients in your camping cooler, and when you mix them up it’s not much different than a Vodka Soda from your favorite bar. Enjoy!
  • Make it cute (on a budget): From cute napkins, cups, and plates to crazy straws, a simple Target run before you go camping can really spruce up the mood of your camping trip with a few simple, cute additions! I typically buy some cute plates, cups, and napkins to use, as well as a cute plastic or paper tablecloth or two (with an adorable summer pattern, of course!) and it transforms a drab wooden picnic table into an adorable summer spread in no time (and on the cheap, too)! 

Essentially, camping is what you make it, and you can make it as “glampy” as you like with these simple tips. So, get out there in the great outdoors and enjoy your summer in style and on a budget.