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Aloe Face Masks for Skin Cooling and Moisturizing

{ By Miranda Martin }

It’s summertime, and that means sunshine! That also means, however, excess sun exposure and sometimes sunburn, which can lead to dry or damaged skin. Other than SPF, how can you prevent skin damage (like redness and excessive dryness) this summer? Aloe. Face masks. 

Let me explain– aloe face masks (my favorite being sheet masks, like this), are facial masks made with a base of aloe vera gel, along with other vitamins and minerals that encourage moisture absorption into the skin. Not only does aloe encourage moisturization, though; it also pulls heat out of the skin, as well as a host of other anti-inflammatory benefits

Sheet masks are my personal favorite, as you can simply unfold them, slide them on, then peel them off in a matter of minutes, but there are a variety of aloe-based facial masks and treatments out there to explore. From sheet masks to gels, creams, and beyond, there’s an aloe-based treatment for every preference (as well as every skin type), and I highly recommend using this summertime staple ingredient in your next spa treatment (whether in the home or at the spa).