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“What do I have to do to get media?”

Written by Beth Nydick – https://bethnydick.com

When people ask me, “What do I have to do to get media?” I usually ask them to think of it this way. If your business was to gain media, (be on tv/in a magazine or a podcast), in front of your target audience, how would your brand benefit and how would your business grow?”

Getting media can be both a blessing and a curse – The first time I was on Dr. Oz I didn’t have my business in order, I was not prepared. I missed the opportunity to capture the emails of the 2.5 thousand people visited by the website that week. It didn’t ruin my business; I still had the credibility but if I had been ready…. I would have had 2.5k warm leads that I could have put into my email funnel and possibly converted that into sales.

Take a second and think of your target audience, here are my 6 tips to get you ready for Oprah….. queue camera.

1. Make them feel. Think about your story. Are you a coach that makes it easier for moms to balance work, kids, and still make time for themselves? Or do you have an app that makes it easier to keep track of your schedules and your families? What is the emotional component that makes up your business?

2. Storytelling is a must. Here’s a good exercise to go through that may help you better understand how to position your business. 
Fill in the blanks with at least 5 sentences.
• I am a business owner because…
• My product, program, or service has the following features…
• I help my clients/customers to…
• I would measure business success by this…

3. Define your Avatar. Who is your target, what do they eat, drink, wear, do, see, hear? Really be very detailed even down to what brand of socks they wear, what kind of house they live in, the type of car. Do they buy unleaded or regular gas? The better you understand your AVATAR the easier it will be to pick which media platforms you want to reach out to, it will all make more sense.

4. Research, research, research. Who are your competitors and who is following them on social media? I give you full permission to take a deep dive. Who do you want to emulate? I’m loving Mel Robbins right now; she made a huge pivot became a speaker and she had her own TV show. Can I be her for a day??? 

Sorry to break it to you but you are not unique, there are plenty of people that do what you do, the big difference is how you approach it, your way, your point of view. They might have spent 100K on a marketing team, copywriters, and branding agents, figure out what tactics they used to get people talking about them.

5. Create a media list. Pick the top 5 media platforms or blogs where your avatar would see you. Dig in and go through the comments, see what people are talking about. Is your avatar there? Can you spot the stories directed to them?

6. Create a contact list. I know that there is someone in your contact list that has connections. Someone always knows someone. When I was looking for a booking agent, I asked on Facebook and I had several people I didn’t know connect me with agents. People ultimately want to help, find them, and collaborate. 

Beth Nydick helps entrepreneurs to strategically prepare their business and gain exposure through collaboration so you can make your potential possible, increase credibility, and your bottom line. To get more information about getting your business ready for media and how to earn it, connect with Beth Nydick. http://www.bethnydick.com

Media Bio – Beth Nydick – https://bethnydick.com
Beth Nydick is a speaker, author, and a magnetic business mentor. A big believer in the power of potential to catapult your business forward. She shows her clients how to strategically prepare their business and to use collaboration to establish instant credibility to get their life-changing messages in front of massive audiences. Thru her mantra of “Making Potential Possible”, she co-authored the top-selling Clean Cocktails: Righteous Recipes for the Modern Mixologist, and has been in featured in OPRAH, Parade, Forbes, Inc., Nylon Magazine, Tori Burch, and Better Homes and Gardens plus appearances on The Dr. Oz Show, The Chew, and The Tonight Show. Beth has a 6th sense for Business and Strategy. It all comes down to building powerful and long-lasting relationships in a thoughtful, authentic way.