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VivoDoc: Tips for Managing Stress and Living Your Best Life

{ By Miranda Martin }

November 3, 2021 was National Stress Awareness Day, and VivoDoc has some great tips for managing stress and living your best life when things get a little tense. From exercise and a healthy, balanced diet to simply going easy on yourself, here are some of VivoDoc’s best tips on managing stress.

Exercise, and eat well

Did you know that even a few minutes of exercise a day can increase your endorphin production, which aids in relaxation and overall well being? Even taking a brisk walk for 15 or 30 minutes daily can have wonderful effects on your mental health, and paired with a balanced diet your mind and body will feel much more relaxed and efficient day by day.

Eliminate your triggers

If you’re able, eliminating the situations that trigger stress can be a very effective way to keep stress at bay. By limiting our exposure to our stressors we can feel more in control, and stop stress before it happens by managing our time and space in more positive ways.

Talk about your problems

Whether you’re speaking to a mental health professional or simply venting to a close friend, talking about your problems can help you feel less alone during stressful times. For example, an evening coffee and chat break with a coworker may help you feel better and gain some clarity around that project you’ve been stressing about, and put it all into perspective.

Take deep breaths

There are many breathing techniques you can use to manage stress and reduce anxiety, including the “box breathing” method that focuses on connecting to your breath and making sure you’re fully oxygenating your brain and body. 

Relax your muscles

A warm bath or a nice massage may be just the thing to relieve stress and tension in your body. Relaxing your muscles with a nice massage, a warm bath, or some light, restorative yoga may be just the thing to ease the tension you’ve been holding in your neck, back, or other areas of the body.

Go easy on yourself

Sometimes, the best thing we can do when we’re stressed is take a step back and remind ourselves that we’re only human. We can only do so much in a day, and beating ourselves up only makes us feel more stressed and defeated. Take a break, focus on things you enjoy, and come back to your workload with a clear head. We promise, those Zoom meetings will still be there when you get back if you need to simply check out and take a breather for a moment.
VivoDoc has tips on stress management and many other health services. Explore their website today, and learn more about modern health management for patients and physicians with VivoDoc.