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The Stress of Losing a Job

Written by Allana Pinkerton – https://lifewithallana.podia.com/affiliate

Well, it happened. I never thought I would be let go from a job and yet, like many Americans and people across the world, COVID-19 managed to bring me to my knees because I am now without an income. I spent the last nine years dedicated to a company and now I am left with nothing. What’s a girl to do?

I can tell you one thing I can do; get over and get on with life! I don’t have control of the financial effects COVID-19 has on the economy. I wasn’t,  and still not, scared that I may contract the virus because I have been taking care of my health for a while and have built a strong immune system. The other thing I was doing long before COVID-19 infected our economy, was working on Plan B. Yes. I had a great job, with a great income, but I was still hustling before and after work hours building my own business. 

When I got the word about my position being eliminated, I totally understood and didn’t go into panic mode. Yes, I had about 48 hours of anxiety, but now I am plowing forward. During the 48 hours of anxiety, I was focused on eating right, going on walks, turning off the news and making a checklist so that I stayed productive. This helped me feel more in control. I also made sure to not hold a grudge and fester in any self-pity. We need to stay positive when we face adversity so we get the results we need and want. What you manifest becomes you, the say goes and I truly believe this statement. 

I make sure to surround myself with people who deeply care about me. Mind you, I did this virtually, because of the virus. This virus is really starting to annoy me. It has totally turned our lives upside down. The people making poor decisions are really starting to annoy me. Still, I cannot let that stop me from succeeding, right? We may not have control of keeping our jobs or this virus, but we have control of our attitudes everyday. I wake up and make the decision to be happy no matter my circumstances. You know, why? It’s because no matter what I am facing, someone else has it worse. Much worse! I know this. I also have a family to take care of so I don’t have a choice. I have to wake up smiling so my kids don’t worry. They don’t need the extra stress. I am not trying to coddle them, however I grew up wondering when the lights may be turned off, how dance lessons were going to get paid and would I be able to get new clothes for the upcoming school year. I don’t want my kids to worry….but then again, I want them to have the drive and perseverance I have to accomplish goals. What a crazy world for our kids, right now. 

Okay, enough about me. Let me give you some helpful tips on how to deal with stress: 1. Acknowledge you have stress and that it’s okay. 2. Keep a routine. 3. Get out of bed and make it each morning. A cluttered room makes for a cluttered mind. 4. Eat healthy, low inflammatory foods. Google them!5. Avoid alcohol and it goes without saying, drugs. 6. Double up on supplements. Stress lowers your immune system. 7. Go for a walk. Excessive exercise lowers your immune system. 8. Laugh. Find a comedy show or videos to watch. Comedians are great for stress relief. Thank you to the talented comedians!9. Don’t go to the doctor looking for a prescription to mask symptoms. Most prescriptions have side effects and lower your immune system. (are you noticing a theme, yet?)10. Surround yourself with good people. Leave the drama out of your life. Bonus: Go volunteer and help others. Gratitude is healthy and nothing is better than helping others in need. 
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