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The significance of REM sleep

{By: Lauren Trunfio} REM sleep (otherwise known as rapid eye movement) is the last stage of sleep most commonly associated with dreaming and memory consolidation. It’s considered the deepest stage of sleep, versus the alternate NREM sleep which is considered a more wakeful state of sleep. During a typical night’s worth of sleep, your sleep cycle alternates between NREM and REM sleep, approximately every 90 minutes. According to scientists, this stage of deep sleep is essential for feeling well rested throughout the day, as well as staying healthy. If you get enough REM sleep each night, you can expect to have more vivid dreams, an easier time processing information, a better functioning memory, and an easier time waking up in the morning (which means it will be less tempting to hit snooze on our alarms each morning). 

Now that we’ve discussed what REM sleep is, let’s talk a bit about how to ensure that you get approximately the right amount every night to ensure that you wake up each morning feeling energized. 

Maintaining a sleep schedule 

If you want to get enough REM sleep, then it’s increasingly important for you to have some sort of sleeping schedule set in place. In order to promote good sleep, it’s important to take on some nightly habits to ensure that you stay on schedule. It helps to keep gadgets and screens out of the bedroom at a certain time, as well as establishing at least one healthy soothing habit each night to promote calm energy (such as reading, taking a warm bath, having a regimented skincare routine, journaling, etc). 

CBD can help

If you are looking for another healthy habit to promote REM sleep, CBD can also be an option for you. According to a research study conducted on CBD’s effects on one’s sleep, 66.7% of participants reported better sleep after using CBD right before bedtime. If you struggle with maintaining a good sleep schedule, this could be the best option for you. Check out some great CBD products that specifically are designed to promote a well-rested slumber.

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