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The Age-Old Autumn Debate is Back: Chai, or Pumpkin Spice?

{ By Miranda Martin }

Crisp mornings, falling leaves, and the age-old debate of “Chai vs. Pumpkin Spice”– autumn is just around the corner. Speaking of the age-old beverage debate, we asked members of our SCREAMER Community to weigh in with their opinions on the best drink flavors of fall. So, will chai take the (coffee) cake, or will pumpkin spice reign supreme? Let’s find out!

  • 16.7%: Neither, nor! One of our Screamer community members isn’t a fan of either famous fall beverage (but we wonder how they’d feel about some hot chocolate, another autumn and winter favorite?)
  • 16.7%: Both! For some, there’s enough room in this world (and their taste buds) for both delicious fall beverages.
  • 16.7%: Chai tea all day, every day! Lovers of this spicy tea mixture know that chai tea is the best way to warm up on a chilly day, full of peppery, cardamom-y goodness.
  • 50%: Pumpkin spice is life! Just as Jack Skellington reigns as the Pumpkin King of Halloween, it seems that pumpkin spice reigns supreme as the most popular fall beverage. This nutmeg and pumpkin coffee combo has become well-loved by autumn fans across the globe, and with good reason.

Happy fall, y’all!