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Activistic “socialpreneurship” as our new paradigm.

{ By Chesline Pierre-Paul }

True leadership is streamlining a host of voices into a singular pulsating harmony where need meets agency, and capacity meets servanthood. It’s a place where ego is acknowledged, but demoted, and where your spirit rises outwards to pull into visibility and power alternative realities, voices, truths, and bodies. 

The act of leadership is in carrying many voices together with your own and allowing them to sit against the limitations of your own vision to enhance the realm of and the instinct towards what’s truthful, serviceful, possible, humanizing, and necessary.

As professional creatives, entrepreneurs, and business owners our power lies with our responsibility: to make our practice, our life’s work, and our brand of entrepreneurship an act of servanthood. But how? And just as importantly, why? 

Why? Because, when you are a multi-figure rainmaker, you generate wealth. But when you are a leader who amplifies truths, voices, realities, and needs beyond your own, you generate abundance in both its material and immaterial attributes. In abundance you awaken a community into practical self-empowerment and offer solace, that is to say healing; a space where to be both safe and brave, both seen and affirmed. That means extending the encompassing nature of your work beyond the obvious, beyond the minimum requirement equity-wise, and holistically baking into the makeup of your voice and into how you choose to do business with a higher-level consciousness that brings you wealth to operationalize and anchor your abundance. For you and for your community.

Here’s what that looks like in action:

  • It starts with you asking yourself: “What conversation can I re-orient that makes the interaction with my brand more than a transactional moment but a suspended instant of organic engagement that establishes mutual recognition as truth and connection?” That is to say, “what can I disruptively catalyze through my brand from the outside in, to activate my voice and power as space-sharer and voice-holder?”. Think of the copy you use to frame your branding as one way to achieve just that. Think of the specific prompts, questions, captions, visual culture, and language, you deploy across all your copy and brand culture and how that speaks to how you choose to position yourself as a leader of plural voices.
  • It continues with you disrupting your own paradigm: whose voices are systemically removed from your world? Which ones override it and which ones are scaled down to subtext by default? Think of the systemic profile of your partners, clients, and collaborators for one. In what way do they all look alike? And how can you break that homogeneity to drive the wealth and abundance only true inclusivity brings? 

Because that speaks to a blind spot, turn outwards, not inwards to elevate yourself into the paradigm of activistic socialpreneurship; get coached on it, educated, on the regs so as to build momentum behind your incremental shift into socialpreneurship. Find allies that are partners to your company/practice  as you decolonize and harmonize how you do business. A fantastic resource is the group CoCo – that’s their mission. They take you from unawakened to movement-building with actionable frameworks.

This is a paradigm where you shift from for-profit to for-purpose, from wealth to abundance. It’s the way to make wealth fundamentally integrity-oriented, and service, equity, and activism values that echo profoundly within as entrepreneurially activistic and incrementally decolonial. It’s a thousand-step journey kicked off with our two sets of questions (see above). Lead to serve, one disruptive micro-action at a time. 

Chesline Pierre-Paul

transformation coach and social impact expert on innovation, economic empowerment, and rebellious leadership

INSTAGRAM: @cheslinepp 

FACEBOOK: @chespp 

LINKEDIN: Chesline Pierre-Paul 

TWITTER: @cheslinePP