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Home Hacks for Staying Clutter-Free

By Olivia Rotondo


Use boxes, bins, and baskets to hold and organize items on shelving instead of leaving it out. The fewer individuals items you can see the better. When everything is tucked away, everything in view looks sleeker. Putting items in some type of storage also forces you to create a specific spot for every item and in turn will make you more organized.


Pick a specific day of the week (and even time of day) to tidy up the house a bit – whether it be picking up clothes off the ground or putting items back where they belong. If you have children or other household members encourage them to do the same in their space, to get rid of daily disorganization.


Cut down on the decorations that don’t serve a purpose in your home, less is more. Instead of trinkets and random decor, decorate your space with your own memories, like framed photos or other nostalgic items that would be in storage anyways. If you still like cute pieces, go for decorations that actually have a function like a bar cart, magazine rack, basket, mirror, or pillows.


Regularly go through things the pile up to see if they can be thrown out or donated. Old magazine, books, and clothes you don’t wear are usually taking up the most space on surfaces and in storage areas. Once a month take a look at your shelves or drawers that you aren’t always drawn to and see what you can let go. Once a year, try to do a big purge of your whole home with a focus on filing cabinets, the kitchen, medicine cabinets, the garage, and other areas usually not looked through regularly to declutter.


Most movies, music, books, magazines and newspapers are available online. Cut down on your collection by digitizing your catalog or turning to streaming. It is more sustainable, cuts down on clutter, and opens up more storage.

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