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Sustainability: 5 Home & Kitchen Item Alternatives to Switch to

by Olivia Rotondo

Reusable Bottles

If you haven’t already, it’s time to take a minute to evaluate the impact you have on this Earth. Unfortunately, we all create a lot of waste but there are easy ways to cut down on using products made of materials that harm the planet by switching to more eco-friendly alternatives.

Here are some everyday home and on-the-go sustainable items that are easy to switch to:

ONE: Reusable shopping bags

Reusable bags are a great alternative to using plastic bags. Not only are they more durable than plastic, but they also come in a variety of sizes and styles. Leave some in the car or by your door so you remember to take them with you before going for a grocery or shopping trip. Some stores like Target and Whole Foods even offer a small discount when you bring your own bags!

TWO: Reusable bottles  

Carrying a reusable bottle is a great way to avoid single-use plastics. Get a water bottle or reusable tumbler if you’re a coffee drinker. You can save money on buying cases of bottled water and most coffee shops (yes, Starbucks) will allow you to use your reusable cup. Also carrying a bottle with can be a great reminder to drink water and stay hydrated throughout the day.

Glass Containers

THREE: Glass food containers

Not only are glass food containers nicer looking than dinky plastic containers, but they are also easier to clean and last longer than plastic that often gets stained by food over time. They are also oven and microwave safe and great for meal prepping.

FOUR: Reusable or Biodegradable Snack Bag

Another way to cut down on plastics is by switching your food storage bags to ones made of a biodegradable material or ones that are reusable. Bags made out of silicone are great for both liquids and solid and bags made of wax or paper can be thrown out. If you opt for disposable bags, they will actually break down naturally and not further pollute.

FIVE: Metal straws

Some restaurants have started offering paper straws or using lids that don’t require them as an alternative, but some people still prefer to have a sturdy straw. If you like to use a straw with your beverages, consider purchasing a pack of metal straws. Switching to metal straws cuts down on paper and plastic waste and most packs also come with a pipe-cleaner so they are easy to clean after use.