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Have you been doing all the Ab workouts and not seeing the results…

Have you been doing all the Ab workouts and not seeing the results you used to? If so, contact Emma Bromley today.

Do you leak when you run, jump or sneeze, have diastasis, mummy tummy, prolapse, painful penetration or do you keep throwing your back out? This will help you!

Emma Bromley’s 12 week online program is a blend of Pilates, Physical Therapy and Resistance Training and will help you heal your core and pelvic floor once and for all (whether you are postpartum or not).


Emma Bromley is a Pilates Instructor, Pelvic Floor Specialist and best-selling author of The Pelvic Floor. After struggling with a severe diastasis (abdominal separation) following the birth of her child, Emma refused to believe that surgery was the only option to heal. Having now fully healed through the power of intentional movement and the breath, she’s now passionate about sharing her knowledge with others so that you too can experience the freedom that comes with having a healthy pelvic floor (less leaking, less back pain, more functional workouts, more enjoyable, sex etc).