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Entrepreneurial Burnout? It’s a thing. A very real thing.

By Candi Obrentz, Our New York SCREAMER

Whether you recently launched a company or are a seasoned entrepreneur, you are undoubtedly time-strapped and stressed. This means that you are vulnerable to burnout and as we know, not feeling well emotionally, physically or psychologically will reduce your effectiveness in all aspects of life. 

As a business owner, I have encountered countless challenging days and learned what to do to stay balanced. Here are my 3 straight-forward (dare I say obvious) suggestions to integrate into your schedule that will absolutely help you manage demanding circumstances. 


Move, stretch and take meaningful breaks throughout the day. Set alerts on your phone if it will help you remember. Leave your desk, go outside and BREATHE. Even if it’s for 10 minutes, you need to shift gears, clear your head and recharge. 


Put your energy into something that you deem to be fun on a daily basis. It is much easier to commit to something that you truly enjoy so make a “fun list” and dive in. Even if it’s for 30 minutes, indulge in the missions that “take you away” from your business: a phone call with a friend who makes you smile, read a magazine, volunteer, go shopping, play a game. Having fun will boost your endorphins and THAT is always a good thing. 

Many of us get up early, go to bed “too late” and rarely work 9-5! If you feel yourself getting ready to hit the proverbial “wall”, you are most likely not thinking clearly and that is not good for your business. Try (really try) to take a power nap when you are exhausted – consider it a productive work break. Alternatively, repeat #1 and make a point of going to bed early that night. 

You deserve a daily regimen that incorporates rejuvenating self-care. Your business will thank you, your heart will thank you and your loved ones will thank you.

Candi Obrentz, Idea Execution Strategist and Creator, RestoPresto®

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WorkWithCandiObrentz

Twitter & Instagram: @candiobrentz 

Website: www.candiobrentz.com