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Cheldin’s Scream: Prove Yourself to Yourself, Not to Others

Sometimes we feel threatened by other people’s success and compare ourselves to what others are doing instead of focusing on our own personal growth. When you start having these thoughts of self-doubt you need to remember you are on your own unique path. These distractions will only cause you to questions yourself when you should be putting your energy into getting closer to your goals. 

If you compare yourself to someone else who is at a completely different stage in their career and on a path to different goals, it is not going to do you any good. So turn your negative thoughts into admiration and inspiration. When you do look beyond yourself, it should not be to compare but to motivate yourself. Network with and learn from the people you are wishing to be. Someone else’s success should only ever motivate YOU. 

Be selfish! Your goals are all about YOU. So prove yourself to yourself, not to others. You must acknowledge that everyone is in their own lane. Instead of measuring yourself against someone else, remind yourself of who you are and what you have accomplished so far. Don’t get caught up in the lives of others and their opinions, this will only create another hurdle on your journey, instead, start screaming YOUR dream!

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