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Liz Loshikian Bio

{Liz Loshikian} Hi! I am a first generation Armenian American woman, South Jersey native, Financial Advisor, Finance Super Mom and Vision Planner. 

As a financial advisor at Northwestern Mutual, my mission is to help empower women take an active role in planning for their futures so they can turn their dreams into their reality.

Going through my own personal journey with divorce, becoming a single mom, studying and working in the financial planning field all at the same time, it became clear to me what I was most passionate about. Through those experiences I knew I not only wanted to but needed to help educate other women on the importance of having a plan so they feel prepared for life’s most exciting moments as well as life’s unpredictable moments. I’ve had disruptions in my life, I have experienced things I never anticipated. I get it on a personal level and that is why I feel it is incredibly important for me to also educate women on what exactly someone like me does. I’ve noticed so many of us don’t over the last few years and because of this we end up doing ourselves a disservice. I’m here to break that cycle, educate and empower. I want women to know that having a relationship with the right financial advisor can help put them in a position to ease anxiety and succeed in the future. 

No matter what the circumstances of our lives are, married, single, business woman, entrepreneur, stay at home mom, it doesn’t matter. We all have the tools and resources available to us and it has been my observation that most women just don’t know that they do or where to start. Everyone deserves to have the opportunity to feel like a Powerhouse and not Powerless. We all need to know how to stand on our own no matter what life throws at us. I’ve lived many of the situations I help my clients plan for and that is why the foundation of my financial planning practice is built on the philosophy that we should be planning not only for the expected, but the unexpected as well. My Personal Money Mantra: Don’t try to predict, just plan so you can be prepared to pivot if you need to.

In my personal time, I enjoy quality time with my 4 year old son Benny & my dog Gus who I often refer to as my sidekicks. I love cooking, trying new things whenever I can, crafting/DIYing, music, writing, meditating, networking and trying to keep my plants alive.