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The Top Dog Films at Sundance

{By: Lauren Trunfio} Our “Top Dog” Films at Sundance are brought to you by Top Dog Cocktails. The Sundance Film Festival is finally here, and we cannot wait to share with you some of the films that we are most excited about seeing on the big screen. 


Living alone after her mother’s passing, 12-year-old Goergie is making the most out of her situation. She is resourceful and smart, as she does quite well adjusting to her new life circumstances- that is, until her estranged father comes back into the picture. Harris Dickinson, who you might recognize from the film Triangle of Sadness, paints the picture of an absent father trying his just to become reacquainted with his daughter. Humorous, thought-provoking, and sincere, this film is one that we can’t wait to see play out in the big screen! 

Fair Play

Starring our favorite Bridgerton breakout star Phoebe Dynevor, and Star Wars actor Alden Ehrenreich, Fair Play is a film about power dynamics between men and women (particularly in relationships). All we know so far is that the film is about a thriving New York City couple who have their relationship put to the test when a coveted promotion is offered at the cutthroat financial firm that both work at. As tensions rise between the two lovebirds, we can expect this film to be a thriller about the price of success, and what one will do to make it to the top. 

Theater Camp

When a scrappy theater camp in upstate New York experiences financial burdens, it’s up to teachers Amos (Ben Platt) and Rebecca-Diane (Molly Gordon) to save the day. After the founder of AdirondACTS founder (Amy Sedaris) falls into a coma, her son (Jimmy Tatro) joins forces with the ban of teachers to keep the camp afloat. Filmed in the style of a mockumentary, we can’t wait to watch hilarity unfold as this fun-loving cast gives us an inside scoop into the realities of working at a theater camp. 

Our “Top Dog” Athletes of the Week are brought to you by Top Dog Cocktails. Top Dog Cocktails’ flavor profiles were born and bred in Pennsylvania, where our team got to work crafting sophisticated cocktail combinations using premium spirits and real ingredients. Our passion stemmed from the idea that the taste of your drinks matters and that the moments spent sipping should be savored. We set out with one goal in mind—to create the highest quality, best-tasting canned cocktails with honest and recognizable ingredients.